Civilized Conversation: A Primer

People change, I suppose. It’s hard to tell. Especially through an internet forum. Happy New Year bud

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Likewise amigo. 2019’s gonna be hella tight I can feel it

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i was shocked to learn why he was banned, but i think it’s agent4T7’s own problem for showing his true colors

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For sure it was yeah, but he most likely would not have done so if the opportunity did not exist. Dude would still be coming up with forum events and game threads to this day if that wack ass news thread didn’t exist lol

But you can’t Block certain topics only because they are used as bait. It would be like silencing the voice.

Are you saying he is the “Monster We Created” or something?

Certainly not. I’m saying ignorance is bliss

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Sarcasm is not appreciated in this time.

Well,if general news thread/politics thread didn’t exist we would likely be seeing political discussion leak into other threads and it would be messy and harder to handle and keep control of.
Thankfully there is a mute button so I just do that with threads I have no interest in including political ones.
In my opinion political threads just create more tension and dislike between certain members;dislike not only for the opinion but for the person whose opinion it is…and I think that dislike later appears in other,non political threads too.


I don’t think that’s an unpopular opinion, but rather a fact; in The Politics of Hitman, the OP was just speaking about how politicians should be represented in future missions or ETs.
Eventually the thread just became a bunch of complaints from both parties and Jarbinger had to step in. But even then, the complaints didn’t stop.


I can’t disagree with this but I still think it would be worth a shot at taking that thread down for a while nonetheless, just to see how things would work out. There are plenty of communities, around the same size and with similar interests + personalities as this one, who have basically zero political discussion going on anywhere. I’m thinking taking away the main place where that shit is discussed here will get peoples’ minds off it and totally eliminate it from being discussed


Like I said, this is already done. You can ask @Jarbinger

OR it comes up everywhere as derailing because there is no OT place anymore.

Which is why I think the best course of action at this point would be to trial it, not make a permanent change. Make the news thread admin-only for a few weeks and if shit goes bad, bring it back. If shit goes good, let it die

So only admins can post?


See what I mean @EricTheAussie? :relaxed:

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I wouldn’t go that far, but isn’t isn’t it ironic that on this forum simply ‘liking’ posts from other users has been used as evidence for supporting their idealogies, leading to bans or the threats of a ban.

It would be ironic if jar liked postings from Quinn that were rule breaking. When jar checks for other people’s likes, he also values the post’s content and not author. As far I observed that.
Now I surely won’t spend my time to check if jar liked such postings but I assume this is not the case.

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literally nobody has ever been banned for which posts they’ve liked

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As do the people liking that post in the first place, you would have to assume. I don’t think that action alone can (or should) be used as evidence for moderator action. But I digress…