Clever 'sniper' way of eliminating 'The Director'?

I’m attending to complete all the campaign related hits on targets using a fancy suit and possibly the Sieger 300 Ghost, but I can’t relate a clean way and getting rid of Scott Sarno (‘The Director’- The Sarajevo Six) in suit only with a sniper kill. Any suggestions, guys?

Thank you in advance, my fellow hitmen! :wink:

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Paging @immadummee47


I’m not very friendly to speedruns. I really like more slow and paused runs, making it kinda stylish, you know. If you have any ideas that could help me, don’t save them for yourself! :smile:

i do it so: start at the main entrance, down to the basement, take out the Stylist, go to the cantine, take out the guard and the worker, walk to the kitchen and put the guards gun there. after 2 Minutes or so, the director comes down, spots the gun and his guard takes it away, leaving the director unguarded - kill him and dump the body, exfiltrate.

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You want to do a Sniper Assassin (Body found & Noticed Kill, but never spotted) or a clean Silent Assassin?


Sniper assassin/suit only run on ‘The Director’. In some kind of a clean way. Would it be possible? Sorry for the missunderstanding ;-/

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Making popcorn, guys :wink:

Here are some ideas. All work without KO and Suit Only

Spot 1 Garden- Smuggle Point: Shed
This Spot is easy to reach without KO’s, multible exits possible


Spot 2: Attic, Smuggle Point: Attic

Spot 3: Attic (Dalia Bathroom) Smuggle Point: Attic

Spot 4: Basement, Smuggle Point: Staircase


Thanks so much for the suggestions, @CHAOS_AGENT_45! :open_mouth: But It seems a little tricky to me to figure out the garden option (the map isn’t particulary small… :-/)


Are you interested in a video which shows some different ways to get there? It’s always a pleasure for me to share experience and add something usefull to the community

You should really make a video along the lines of “How to Sniper” and you talk about the different guns and how you might want to use a different one for a different kind of solution.

It would be fun too if you were “in-character” like you start off the video showing how there is no one in the game you cannot kill without the use of a sniper rifle.

I know there are ways of exploiting the Lancer for SA solutions for example, but only because I have seen you do it. :wink:


Sniping in Hitman needs it’s own chapter. While thinking about your idea,i realized how complex it is.
I was thinking about how to show off but it’s just way too much to explain. The video would be more than 1h. It’s also a very different approach if you want to do a Sniper Assassin oder a Silent Assassin Sniper. And using the Lancer is a totally different approach compared with a silenced Sniper Rifle. Comparing Sniper Rifles makes no sense since the Sieger 300 Ghost is published. It’s simply the best Sniper Rifle of all.
Let’s start with the basics:

[Chapter 1]
Single Targets:
There are several kind of single targets (Paris):

1) Lonley Targets:
The easiest Targets to Snipe. They are alone at their place, no whitnesses, no one who can come around to find the Body, no distraction needed.
Example: The guard at the balcony of the Auction.
2) Routine Targets:
Targets which move on the routine at a spot where you can snipe them unseen.
Example: The aution staff waiter who will go the Auction Bar (Where Dalia drinks)
3) Triggerd Targets:
Some Targets stand at a point where you can’t shoot them, but by triggering something they will move to a place where you can shoot them.
Example: The auction staff guy at the first floor apartments. (Goes to smoke on balcony after noticing a noise/chandelier drop/bullet distraction)
4) Lured Targets:
You can leave a phone, Breaching Charger or Audio distractor to lure them at a specific place (Triggerd from far away). In case of a Civilian finding an audion distractor, he will report this to a guard which will come to take a way the AD. This can also be used to kill the guard as target. Leaving it on a balcony, window ledge or a blind spot.
4) Guards:
Can can be manipulated by leaving a weapon at a specific place and let them bring it to a specific Save Place. The goal is shot them on their way or at the Save Point unseen. Another way to manipulate them is to let them get in aleart mode (by shooting 2x near them). They will move to your place. The danger about this method is: They could aleart also other guards which will also come to your place.
5) Public Targets:
These Targets are in public and surrounded by whitnesses. These kind of Targets can’t be shot SA by Sniper Rifle. You would have to manipulate them in an extreme way and do a close sniper kill, which makes no sense.

I will make a video these days to show the different types of targets with different approaches.


Just… WOW, man! Thanks so much for such great advices! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:
I think I’ll go a little hard with this request, but… Is there any possibility on doing ‘The Sarajevo Six’ Gary Lunn contract with a sniper kill and getting more than three ‘Hitman stars’ in the contract overview at the end of the mission?

Thanks! :wink:

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Absolutely speechless :flushed:. Is there any other device instead the Napoleon Blownaparte I can use to lure ‘The Enforcer’ to that location. Could 47’s mixtape work aswell?

Here are some ideas:
Routine Method (Target goes into the room, kill him before the scientist enters, exit fast)

Coin Lure Method

BC Lure Method

Bullet Distraction Lure Method

Need your help again, guys. Any clever-‘snipery’ methods for the targets on ‘The gilded cage’ and ‘The Sarajevo Six’ Walter Menard without anyone getting on high alert?

Thanks in advance! :wink:

just climb over the schooldirectors balcony, and crouch run to the stairs on the right, use instinct and you see walther sit down behind the window, you can headshot him there and should have enough time to head to the exit, befor his body is found. this works also with the silverballer.


Any advices for a Sniper Assassin/Suit Only run in ‘A House Built On Sand’ mission?

Thanks a lot!

Hold my beer :rofl:

Skip intro
Head to House with Walkie Talkie
Break off the door (Breaching Charger or Lockpick)
KO the Guard with the Walkie Talkie
Take walkie talkie, go same way back as you came
Head to the sniper rifle case
trigger the walkie talkie before climbing up the pipe
Mandola is a the market, Kwang is coming out of the shisha bar
You can now shoot both targets from the roof where the Sniper Rifle case is
Head to mandolas documents (Mandola must be bagpacked before your approach, otherwise will you will be suspiscious)
For style points: take Delivery Truck Key, exit by Delivery Truck :wink:


Wow. That’s kinda impressing :no_mouth:. But for sure I was looking for a more slow-paced run. With no need to run and try to make it stylish and such…

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