Climate Change

we are all doomed because of climate change, and the worst part is our world leaders don’t seem to be doing anything about it. meanwhile, fossil fuel corporations continue to pillage the earth for shot term profit, too stupid or cowardly to contemplate the ramifications of their actions. if this stresses you out, it should.

i wake up everyday thinking about climate change and how my generation is futureless. we need to stop pretending things are business as usual and start taking this threat seriously. we need to stop wallowing in our own despair and take climate action now.


Seems fairly obvious to me, concentrate on things we can control. Clearly chucking shit into the atmosphere and whatever else is not going to be good. Not as if we need any more evidence that pollution is bad. Almost doesn’t matter about climate change, it’s just fucking stupid to pollute the planet as it simply cannot be a good thing.

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yes, but just because something is the simplest solution doesn’t mean our world leaders will implement it. trudeau is in bed with TC energy (formerly known as transcanada), and he used the RCMP to bully the wetsuwetun people in the unistoten camp, because they are in the way of a pipeline project. so i doubt we can rely on our governments.

we need people-led movements like fridays for future, extinction rebellion and earth strike to force these powerful entities to stop emitting greenhouse gas emissions and jeoprodizing our future. i am personally involved with one of these movements myself.

Guys its fine, Providence has got some patents coming that will knock your socks off


Launch all climate change deniers into the sun to give them a taste of what’s coming


Man, I was trying to figure out how to word something like this, or about how the OP must have voted as Jebediah Block … but you did it better :grin:


I have a degree in geography and part of that covered climate change. The Earth’s temperature rises and falls. These are called interglacial periods or “ice age” this happens for about 75000 years and then warms up again. This is because of the Earth’s changing orbit and proximity to the sun. Current graphs of the past 5 interglacial period show we are MUCH MUCH higher temperatures than ever before. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Climate change is an issue with many facets.

I will begin with saying you should only worry about things you can control. There’s no use wasting nerves and anxiety over something that will not change no matter what you do, spilled milk, etc etc.

Now, the perpetrator is greenhouse gas emissions. When examining the sources of these, you can boil down probably 80% of it to energy, with big agriculture as a distant second.

This is a major problem. Energy demands are only rising as we use our technology more and more, and as countries outside the west are developing fast, their demands are exponentially skyrocketing. Can you imagine the demand when the entire world is modernized? It’s nuts.

This is very doom and gloomy, as we are in over our head currently and the entire world isn’t even up to speed with the west. How do we fight this?

As I said, it’s about energy, and solving this problem begins and ends with renewable energy. Wind. Solar. Geothermal. It’s there. There’s the nuclear option, but the risk/reward question makes this null to me.

So if you are passionate about fixing climate change, this is what you need to focus on. Become an engineer, work on these wind turbines. Develop in battery technology. Harden the durability of Solar panels.

There is room for optimism here, technology in renewables has dropped significantly in price. At least in the US, where they are subsidized a little, cost is approaching, if not cheaper than coal. Now I work IT, but my employer is an energy company. Any new plants they are opening are going to be hybrid renewable/natural gas. No more coal. And the coal plants are slowly being phased out.

It’s not the pace I’d like, but it’s a pace. And reason for optimism. We can do this.

I’m now going to circle back to not losing sleep over something you can’t do anything about. Essentially all you can do is put your efforts toward getting energy companies to go renewable. Not much else you can do. Even buying a fully electric car, while perhaps a good preliminary measure, you’re still getting your energy from the power plant, which emits GG of it’s own. It’s impact is no different than a combustion engine. It does however isolate the source of the problem, and that makes problems easier to solve.

I hope I gave you hope

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It all has to end at some point.

so you might as well make some money while your bull shitting.

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Seriously tho. Because of my religious background I long accepted the end of the world in some sort of climate change way. Just my own layman understanding of the final book of the bible shows me a planet suffering from misuse. I know it’s hocus pocus to most so I won’t bother but for me I don’t get depressed cause I been seen it. It has to be. People were given stewardship over the earth and have failed. This is the natural cause and effect.


I think there are huge CO2 sources of us humans being not paid enough attention. Like cargo ships using the dirtiest oil nobody wants anymore as fuel. Also it is not entirely about energy. For example alot of CO2 is from animal farms. So besides buying from oversea liek from China, eating less meat might be something to help.

You really want a great deal for stopping climate change at a high rate but almost everyone fears it? It’s nuclear energy. Go nuclear, and things will be better.

Another great deal is bioengineering, wich works wonders for developing starins of vegetables, fruits and other similar consumeables that are easier to sustain and require less effort to produce, but oh boy, isn’t everyone afraid of the big and evil GMOs.

@Urben I mentioned big agriculture as being number 2, but energy is 80 percent. That’s not only a majority, it’s a sizable majority. Big ag clocks in at about 10-15%

If we’re talking about biofuel, this part is a bit inaccurate

I’m refering to foods that are easy to maintain and less costing to produce. There’s an example in golden rice, wich is quite the star GMO in humanitarian help for developing countries. I didn’t mention biofuels to begin with, but I’m talking about how crops that are way less demanding to sustain are a big help to the planet when you save yourself an extensive use of pesticides.

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I’m with you. Yeah I dunno why, but my mind jumped to biofuel. But agriculture is such a small contributor to this compared to energy!

Doesn’t nuclear scare you too? We don’t have to go back that far to see Fukushima. Human error is a given, and I don’t trust us in managing or maintaining nuclear power

It doesn’t scares me. A lot has improven in the years and Fukushima was the result of lots of incidents caused by a previous big phenomenom that finally culminated in what it’s know for now, but it wasn’t like the core just exploded from nowhere. It’s risky, just like everything else. At the end, it’s the more efficient solution in my eyes if you want somethig functional and mostly clean, because if you think installing more dams or wind turbins is going to be a great deal for the landscape at the end, then I don’t know what to think.

Climate Change Denial is as bad as being an Anti Vaxxer… I view both with as much contempt as murderers to be honest.


we should obviously switch to renewable energy, but the politicians are in the pockets of fossil fuel corporations that have monopolized the market. all the research in renewable energy won’t do us any good if nobody is using it. you want energy companies to go renewable? hit them where it hurts: their wallets.

“no point in having anxiety in things you cannot control”

i use my anxiety as fuel for motiviation. i refuse to wallow in despair. i don’t want hope either, hope is overrated. hope is just waiting for things to get better.

yes i cannot control things on my own, but people are becoming very aware of climate change, and collective action has been proven to work. we can do this.

This is all inaccurate, at best dated, in the US.

But energy companies are starting to use it. Why? As you astutely point out:

This is correct. An unfortunate truth of the world we live in is that the only way things change is if it is fiscally agreeable to do so. And as I said, it’s becoming this way as costs for renewables lower (and with a little gvmt regulation help)

Good. It’s a healthy use

I like to think I gave you more than just hope? That was a solid wall of text, there was some information somewhere in there.

My words exactly.

just last year, the trudeau government spent $17 billion on fossil fuel subsidies. also, the USA imports a lot of fossil fuels from us. our governments are corrupted, and are great pals with these corporations

did i mention that trump denies climate change on twitter?

I specified the US, but sure. We, the west, in general subsidize FF too much. But to say energy companies are in the pockets of the koch brothers and co is inaccurate. There are also many renewable technology companies popping up everywhere, so FF does not have a monopoly.

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