Close shave challenge

Hi guys,
I’m having issues with Close Shave challenge in Mumbai. I’ve infiltrated the crows, retrieved, the Maelstrom picture. Diana has identified him. I’ve watched him walk past my barber stand 8 or 9 times but he never stops for a shave. There is no option to talk to him while walking around. I can kill him if I want but never have an opportunity to to give him a shave. I’ve watched numerous videos but have not been able to replicate their results. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Yeah you have to pick him out the instant he arrives for the shave otherwise he just repeats his cycle near endlessly.

I don’t know if this will help, but he only ever came to the barber for me if I waited until after getting the photo to get the barber’s disguise like the mission story tells you. (I was originally getting rid of the barber before sneaking into the crows hideout, and it wasn’t working)

You need to blend in at the designated spot in front of the shop while dressed as the barber, then highlight him when he comes by and press Y (or whatever key it shows on-screen) to offer him a shave. There is no option to just talk to him while dressed as the barber.

Pretty sure you have to identify him first as well - So don’t wait for him to arrive at the Barber. Find him in the streets after getting the photo and then get the Barber disguise and open the shop. That method worked for me twice.

Thanks Quinn I have not tried that strategy yet. Will get on that asap.

Hmm for me I didn’t have to identify him beforehand, he just showed up when I tended the store.

The issue I had is that my progress stopped at 14/15. I guess since I killed the target it didn’t register as a client “served”?

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You dont have to identify him first. He came to the barbershop for me without identifying him. Also im pretty sure he is one of the 15 people you have to shave.

Oh yeah, I did have the photo, though. I’ll try it out right now without it and see what happens. He’s impossible to confuse with anyone else with that movie trailer voice of his.

EDIT: aaaand he’s here. Without having looked at the photo. This time I took care to complete the shave before killing him and, presto, trophy!

Thanks for all the suggestion s. I find it interesting if not puzzling that there are apparently different answers. Curious if there is some anomalis randomness. I just did your suggestion Quinn , successfully. Thanks again!

Same worked for me… though to get 15/15… Wazir Kale must survive the shave.

You can always lure him into the backroom of the barbershop afterwards. :wink: