Closed Poll: Hitman level contest Final Round: Beldingford Manor vs. A House of Cards

Which level did you prefer?

  • Beldingford Manor
  • A House of Cards


So this is it. The final is between two levels of two different games, and one shall win and have the title of “Hitman level contest winner 2014”. This one will remain open for longer. For added drama, both levels are quite different in their approach to level design too, as one has saving a hostage while the other has killing targets who arrive after some time into the level.

Beldingford Manor:

A House of Cards:


The cards have been dealt and i choose Beldingford Manor, since it was not my favorite Contracts mission nor my second favorite Hitman mission, it is save to say it’s in my top 5. It the second greatest Hitman mission in Contracts, so it deserves to win if it can’t be Tradition of the Trade. The mansion is filled with hidden passages, creepy and dark secrets. Ever since my first play through the Butler have always been some what creepy. Plus it is one of the only levels where you are allowed to choke some one with a pillow!

And i’m sure if you wait long enough there is even a Ghost some where in that old spooky mansion, there has to be!

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Beldingford is my pick.


You can suffocate your target with a pillow, nuff said.

This post ended up being a lot longer than I expected.

Neither of these levels is my favorite of the series, and I’m not even sure if they’re my favorite of their respective games, but nonetheless they are both great levels that deserve to make it very far and it’s really hard for me to make a decision between one of them.

Man, this is really hard. Both of the levels have their own flaws. The casino part of House of Cards is completely useless and only serves to get you caught on camer. Beldingford Manor starts with an annoying little stealth segment where you have to listen to two guys talking before you can move on (very reminiscent of Absolution, actually), but they also have their great strengths. Both levels sport great atmosphere, great Hitman gameplay, fun ways to get to areas or kill people, fun things to do when exploring. They just feel so vibrant.

Have I mentioned how hard this is yet? I’m gonna try to break it down to make this easier on myself.

Beldingford Manor has undisputably the best atmosphere of the two. That dark rainy night, the thunder cracking from afar, the great cozy mansion on the inside with the fireplace and the butler, the miserable stable, the secret passages inside the mansion. The level just bled atmosphere. A House of Card had that pretty good international espionage feel, but it just doesn’t compare.

To decide which has the best gameplay of the two, that is way harder. They’re both really good, messing with the temperature of the bath to be able to pass, walking through the secret passages to get to the sleeping target, dropping the bomb from the chimney, poisoning the wine, the aforementioned snuff pillow method Postal_Dude talked about. And there’s just so many paths to take through the mansion, the courtyard, the ladders, multiple doorways in, it’s such a big level. House of Cards divides itself on three levels so it doesn’t look as big (and probably isn’t), but it also has plenty of space to spare. Fiber wiring the Russian on the bathroom, the bar, the encounter with Sheikh, messing with the elevator by fiber wiring people in it, jumping through balconies trying not to get caught, the fire alarm to enter the room, trying to snipe the Sheikh after phoning him in (or just running all the way down to kill him as he’s coming back, as I found out was the best method :P), messing with the briefcases, bombing everyone up with them.

Man… THIS IS HARD. I think I’m gonna edge it out on A House of Cards just because I found that the objective of freeing the guy in the stable with the horses could get really annoying on replays, whereas I always thought that I was doing something interesting and fun in House of Cards.

Really though, whichever wins this one deserves it. And congratulations on the other for making it this far :smiley: I like that Blood Money and Contracts, my favorite two games of the series, got the rightful representation in this tournament, in both semi finals and finals (even if I’m still kind of pissed off the remaked Traditions of the Trade won over Meat King :laughing: )


If I’d like to play a game where I rescue people, I’d play Choplifter. Seriously though, the only two minor complaints I have about Beldingford is having to save the sprinter, and the mansion having a bit too little variation to it’s populace. If they are having a hunting party, they only invited 1 other person, or they are being quite rude and having all the guests doing the night time patrolling, which sounds pretty harsh if you plan to hunt man the next day. But then again, that is a pretty rare opportunity for Western Europe, so maybe that is basically how they pay their fee for getting to take part in that macabre sport.

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I don’t feel like I’m can be really fair because I barely remember “House of Cards.” I’ve been trying for weeks to play through Blood Money to get to it but it’s been such a slog.

That said, there must be a reason why I don’t remember it and why the character artist in the newly released interview doesn’t remember it either. I vaguely remember it as a level that lacked character, providing a lot of large but empty corridors and incredibly cheap kills for two of the three targets.

Beldingford Manor isn’t really the ideal Hitman mission-- it relies a bit too heavily on cover stealth-- but it’s rich in atmosphere. The shadowy mansion is reminiscent of a good ghost story, but 47 is the ghost! And this is 47 at his most terrifying-- hiding in the closet, creeping up on you in the dark, and smothering you in bed. Good stuff.

Beldingford Manor is far better than House of Cards but I’m not sure either represents the best of what Hitman can be.


Beldingford Manor’s atmosphere isn’t quite what I would ideally want from Hitman, but it is mainly because of cultural reasons, so obviously it works wonders for some (apparently many). To me, it is a bit too mundane. I expect kind of in the same way that a lot of Americans must feel after spending the last two games almost entirely in the States, not to mention a lot of different games and movies etc happening in America as well.

Beldingford Manor easily, it’s my top mission from the series after all. The atmosphere was top notch and the level design was quite good. House of Cards was solid but had it’s flaws.

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Actually probably this for me. Aren’t you forced to do something either to the horses or the stable boy (Naturally talking about highest difficulty)? Kind of messes with my sense of being in and out without a trace.

I’m curious, are you from England? Because you were talking about how Americans would find the atmosphere of the American set levels in Blood Money and Absolution boring.

No, not from England, but I do have British relatives. I’m also a bit of an Anglophile, but I see it works against me in old manor houses and such. Just too much Agatha Christie and the like consumed for them to feel fresh to me. I have just been overloaded with the subject matter.

Yeah, even I think the same. The Murder of Crows, regardless of how flawed it is, has more flavour to it, what with the crowds, the busy streets, the spooky back alleys and the strangely empty buildings.

That being said, I wish they had stuck with this concept, as the new level is ironically a bit too crowded for me I think. Of course, it has a lot of other problems, but we can discuss that in the Blood Money level discussion thread.

This is a no-brainer for me. From my personal view neither of these is the best experience Hitman can offer but the other one offers an astounding atmosphere, much more interesting kills and a better level design. And that level is Beldingford Manor. The cover stealth in the beginning didn’t bother me that much because it fits the feeling of the level so perfectly. Lurking around in the bushes of a dark garden was awesome.

I’m honestly a bit surprised that House of Cards made it this far. I don’t recall seeing it as a top-4 level in too many posts in that one topic. I think it’s safe to say that Beldingford Manor had a lot harder way up to this point than House of Cards; just look at the brackets! But HoC deserved a victory in every match it was involved in, so I’m not complaining. I just think that it has more flaws than many other levels, for example TWO out of three targets can be strangled in the elevator (and I’m not even lying when I say I succeeded to kill them both silently on my first playthrough) and waiting for the sheikh to arrive takes several minutes. It’s a good level but not top-2 material, not even close.

So like I said, my vote goes to Beldingford Manor.

This contest was a nice way to pass time on the forums while waiting for new information concerning H6. It was interesting to see that most of the times the level I considered to be better won. ToTT losing to ITAP and Rendezvous being topped by Murder of Crows were a couple bitter losses for me. Terminal Hospitality faced a brutal elimination on the first round against ITAP but I think in different conditions it could’ve made it pretty far. Well, can’t win always! It was also fun to see how one level can be seen from many different perspectives. Some very insightful posts.
Thanks @Dev_Chand for hosting this!


Ideally this should be a final between Beldingford Manor vs. Tradition of the Trade (1 or 2). I can’t believe that HoC got to the final round, it makes absolutely no sense to me, considering that a lot of the level was useless space. But HoC was lucky competing against lesser appreciated levels I guess.

Beldingford Manor is one of the best levels in the series though, and therefore deserves the praise. Such a good sandbox level with a lot of atmosphere set on a great location. Easy vote from me.


For me the problem wasn’t the “useless space” itself, but the lack of NPCs in those rooms, but i highly enjoyed the level even though it had its flaws.

But as you said, Beldingford Manor is one of the best levels in the franchise and imo it beats House of Cards easily!

Oooh, close voting :smiley: As it should be. Make it a fight!

Greatness vs. mediocrity. I know which one I’m picking.

13 VS 13!? Close the voting!

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Even though I dont like creepy atmosphere from Contracts I have to say Beldingford Manor is definitely a best hitman level for me.It’s really special as level and has some really memorable moments like eliminating your target with pillow or finding all those secret passages in manor.
Definitely a level that’s hard to forget…