Cloth physics broken?

In Hitman 2 47’s coat would blow in the wind and flop around naturally as he moved. In Hitman 3 this doesn’t seem to be the case, at least in the PC version. For example in Hitman 2 if you went up the tower in Sapienza his coat would blow in the wind, but in Hitman 3 it doesn’t. I thought it might be related to the Simulation Quality setting, but I tested in Hitman 2 and you get those effects even with that setting on low. Is anyone else experiencing this

which suit are you using

I was using the signature suit with gloves. I just did some more testing and it looks like some suits blow in the wind and others don’t.

Blood Money, Absolution, Suburban Suits - blow in the wind

Signature suit (both versions), Winter coat - don’t blow in the wind

I’m not going to test every single suit but it’s apparent from this small sample that some of the suits cloth physics aren’t working correctly.

i believe the signature suit just uses a “heavier” cloth simulation that doesn’t blow as easily in softer breezes. but the signature suit 100% has wind physics. i’ve tested it

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