Cloud gaming FTW!


I just ran Hitman: Absolution at max settings on a piddling MacBook Air, PS4 controller and everything. I’m finally in the Master Race! This cloud gaming shit is insane!!!


i hate to be contrarian but cloud gaming does not appeal to me. it gets expensive quickly if you play games often, and i don’t like the type of service that shadow offers, where your storage is kept on their servers. if you play games often, nothing is better than owning your own PC.

streaming games from your PC or console to your TV, smartphone or tablet? now that’s an idea i can get behind.


You gotta understand for people like me who do not have the means to get a decent gaming rig, this is a godsend. After using it for a bit I’ve decided that it’s not quite ready to be a permanent solution, but in the meantime it’s pretty damn good. A couple of things you are not accurate on, tho. Pricing is a fixed monthly or yearly rate, so whether you game a little or a lot is irrelevant. Shadow gives you the option of storing your data to Microsoft’s cloud service as well, not just their servers. As for streaming games from your own devices, PlayStation has Remote Play, and it’s pretty horrendous, but there are services for PCs out there.

Finally, the good thing about Shadow is that their machines are always updated/upgraded. You never have to worry about buying a new processor, GPU, etc.

I’m playing Codename 47 on my MacBook Air ATM, something I never thought I’d be doing. It’s good for what it is. I’m happy.