CLUES on how to find the treasure on Haven Island

I think there are players out there like me, who just don’t want to go to YouTube for easy answers. So here are some CLUES to help you find the treasure.

You do not need to wear any disguise to find the treasure but you do need a shovel. Duh.

But first it helps if you can assemble the entire map, though I am not sure if it is entirely needed. You do not need to wear any disguise to find the treasure.

  1. The part with the palm tree is with the Boat Captain. Subdue him to get it.

  2. The part with the skull is in the office with the 3 resort guards, 2 of them playing video games. It’s pinned to the wall. This office is on the east side of the Haven reception. I think there’s a black girl bathing close to that office lol.

  3. The part with the island and the X on it is in a bottle on the beach. You gotta shoot the bottle. This bottle is on the Villa beach on the edge of the seashore. It’s close to the Villa guard who is just standing and leaning on some crates, just chilling doing nothing. He is within the vicinity of the white private huts (cabanas?)on the Villa beach.

So if you have all 3 parts, here are some clues.

  1. The part with the palm tree just means the treasure is buried near a palm tree. Duh. But not much help since there’s palm trees everywhere.

  2. The part with the skull. Well….just keep looking around until you see something that resembles a skull? This thing that resembles a skull doesnt necessarily have to be in the immediate environment. I won’t say much here…. I didn’t really need the Skull clue to help me. I only realised what the Skull clue meant only after I had found the treasure.

  3. The part with the island and the X is the most important clue. All I will say is this.

Study the island on the treasure map carefully. Study its shape and contours carefully. Then, compare this island on the treasure map with what you have on the real map. You know, the real map is the one in game that tells you what’s on each floor, where the exits are, where the dropped disguises are, where the targets currently are etc.

So compare the treasure map island with the real map in-game and try to match up the shape and contours.

Then try to position yourself where the X is.

Also, there’s this black elongated shape on the island in the treasure map. Compare
that with the black elongated shape on the real map. See if that helps.

Hope you get to experience the joy and pride I felt when I found the buried treasure myself. I remember gasping so hard when I found the Dig spot that I choked hard on my own saliva.

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