Codename 47 maps thread

I thought this would be useful to other players, so I made it.

Kowloon Triads:

Ambush at Wang Fou:

Cheng Chau Massacre:

Lee Hong Assassination:



1st floor:

2nd floor:

Find the U’wa Tribe:

The Jungle God:

Say Hello to My Little Friend:


Mansion 1st floor:

Mansion 2nd floor:

Mansion 3rd floor:

Traditions of the Trade:


1st floor:

2nd floor:

3rd floor:

Gunrunner’s Paradise:

Plutonium Runs Loose:


Main Deck:

1st Deck:

2nd Deck:

3rd Deck:

The Setup:


1st floor:

2nd floor:

3rd floor:


Very Nice of you @Dev_Chand I just re-installed C47 last night as not played It in years but was having a few issues getting It to run on vista with a screen resolution of 1600x900 finally I have got It running nicely at full screen/res. and looking forward to replaying In widescreen :slight_smile:

Thanks. Can you try and make a similar Silent Assassin and Blood Money maps thread? I’ll try and make a similar Contracts maps thread.

Personally I just dont have the time dev sorry :frowning: Its Probally Quicker to bring the maps up In game tbh though. Maybe video walkthroughs would be nice like we had on the old forum for C47, SA, Contracts, Blood money, and Absolution for other/new players. I always did/do like seeing how other players approach situations In Hitman.

Yes, but this is helpful for players who haven’t reached those levels yet and want to get a general idea of the map.

Yes, but there are many of those on the internet. Maybe you could make a thread with all the ones from the old forum?

Fair enough :slight_smile:

Come to think of it as the old forum still has them available for viewing, Its probally not worth clogging up the New forum with old walkthroughs, but your right its easier to check youtube etc and thats what most people will do I guess.

I know people may be bored and want to create new topics just for the sake of it, but I’m having trouble finding the purpose of sharing these maps. The Hitman Wiki has all that, plus Hitmanforum is primarily a discussion site …not sure what we’re meant to be talking about here.

Also, having all the maps on one page at once isn’t a particularly conventient way of sharing them.

See, this is the problem. Someone asked me for maps of Hitman levels, so I decided to check the Hitman wiki for those, and while some levels do have maps, there are levels which don’t. Just check the Codename 47 section of this level’s page:

Of course, these maps would fit better in the wiki, but from my experience it’s a hassle to put images there, so I put them here. Feel free to put them in the wiki though.

Hence my suggestion, since that’s where they’re supposed to be – and doing that would be far more useful than chain dropping dozens of images here, even if you consider it to be less of a “hassle”.

Is x zoom available?

Widescreen patch that maintains proper fov

You got me really excited! But it doesn’t work

Don’t want to critique OP too much, but man, you need to put some work into these. You can find more detailed maps dated back to 2000. I suggest you to add locations of hidden or unintuitivly placed weapons, ammo, and maybe some interesting landmarks like easy uniform locations, sniping spots and easter eggs. Right now it’s just a bunch of screenshots cobbled up together.