Collector's and Winter Sports Pack


Ok so ever since the Collector’s Pack was free to download for Gold Edition owners, and the Winter Sports Pack was also free to download. It hasn’t shown up on my PS4 Store. I own the Gold edition with the expansion pass, but it’s not showing. Is anyone else having this same issue? I asked a few people on discord, but I didn’t really get a solution.


Library (ps4 menu) -> purschased games -> Hitman 2 -> scroll down until you see playstation store but don’t select it -> scroll once to the right and select your add-ons

You can also access your packs by scrolling down when you’re about to launch a game

Also, I don’t see a comment from you in the Hitman server, this is the only official one


Thanks I hope this works.


Yeah it still doesn’t show the two add ons for Hitman 2


Do you have the executive pack? (executive briefcase and ICA19 black lilly)


yes I have the gold edition


Then you should have the collectors and wsp also. Do any of them show up when you search in the store? What region are you in?


I live in North America.


No it only shows the 11 add ons which were the legacy pack for the season 1 maps and the requiem pack.


I haven’t read anyone having issues downloading either pack in USA on ps4.

Is your ps4 activated as your primary? If yes then restore your ps4 licenses

Log into your psn -> account managment -> restore licenses

If the packs still don’t show up then contact Warner Brothers by sending them an email


No it’s not my primary, but I’m already signed into psn


Oh i think I see why


Was it your primary when you installed executive pack?


No it wasn’t , but somehow I was able to download it.


Let me activate it as my primary first


You should either way restore your licenses.

Choosing to restore licenses restores access to your digital content if it appears locked


I activated it as my primary, and restored licenses, but it still won;t show the additional content.


Contact Warner Brothers via mail


I will try that, I’m just trying to search to see if it wil show up.


Do you know Warner Bros email link?