Collector's and Winter Sports Pack



Thank you btw really helpful


Np. Like I mentioned earlier, its strange that you can’t access it when you downloaded executive pack without any issue. Im sure it’ll work out :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol I hope so, hopefully Warner Bros finds a solution.


You can also send the same message to ps4 (psn department) an email about content not showing in your store, it could make the process faster for you


Oh ok I didn’t even know about that.


Add me ibbzz040. Tmrw I’ll look for other places if I find anything and i’ll message you there.


Lol uh where do i go to add you?


Your friends list :slight_smile:


oh ok um I’m so sorry I haven’t been using this forum in a while


oh wait i figured it out lol


Anyway i gtg, but again thanks for your help. Also I sent you a friend request on your ps4. Literally hope I get those packs.


Hi, you have to go to the PS store and search for Hitman. There you’ll find it in the list and have to download it

That was the way I found it. Good luck!