Collector's Edition Hopes & Dreams

I know, I know, I’m getting in on this early, but I’ve been away from the forums since the PC CE Great Battle of 2018 was won for the fans.

Just jumping in to say: I’d love a CE (for all regions and platforms!) for HM3. It’d be a shame to miss out on this opportunity to complete the trilogy in style!


I’m sure they will release in time the ultimate trilogy set or something with all 3 games in one disk set for PS5.
But this after a couple of months from release date.

I will buy it for sure even if I am considering to purchase the playstation without the BluRay reader which now makes me wonder how am I going to pass my Hitman 2 maps on the PS5 since I got Hitman 2 on disk. Guess I will buy it a second time in digital.
And I don’t want to get rid of the H2 disk because it’s signed by Bateson himself.


It’s on sale for 12 USD now, I think.

I believe there sill be a special edition or collectors edition of something. Hell even if there is no physical disc they can still have a CE that comes with a coin and a ducky and all that jazz. @Travis_IOI here’s one more vote for a CE.

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100% agree! Always look forward to getting the collectors edition, had all of them since Blood Money! We‘ll have to wait and see now IO are publishing too, pretty sure the 2018 CE sold out so there’d be no reason not to if they could.

And preferably, have the PC Collector’s Edition be available for sale in North America. I had to import the one for Hitman 2 in from France, and it was quite troublesome since the French apparently don’t have good customer support.

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I hope we get a steelbook

I hope that whatever versions of the game they release are for all platforms, and there’s no more expensive version of the game that will get you “early access” to it.

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Yeah, I did the same! It was a heck of a journey.

am i right in thinking the last CE had a code for the game instead of a disc? i think that will happen again since the next gen consoles will have no disc drive

If they do release a collector’s edition, I’ll probably just do what I normally do, buy the 2nd tier version (gold or whatever) then buy all the collectable extras at a later date on eBay.

And I’ve said it before, but the one thing I really want them to give us is one more art book.
Out of all the merch they’ve done over the past 8 yrs since Absolution (and even all the other stuff released for prior games) the art books are def my favourite in my modest little Hitman collection.

Statues, key rings, badges, rubber ducks etc. are cool an’ all, I just think art books are a little more substantial and interesting, gives you more of an insight into the game development than a bit of molded plastic “tat”.

The next gen consoles do have a disc drive though, they have an OPTION for one without

yeah that’s what i meant to type woops, my point is that I don’t think they’ll want any collectors merch to be only worth it for disc buyers

I disagree, if I got a code in an expensive console CE I would be pissed lol. As far as I’m concerned the digital guys dug their own grave on that front.

i think the last one had a code instead of a disc but idk

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Hitman 2’s CE came with a steelbook.


If we’re talking about the one that came with the Suitcase and all those other Knick knacks then no. It was disc only. I have it and it came with both a steel book and a normal case for the game.

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ok flex

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You know your boy gotchu covered. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Following up in here as well to say: PLEASE MAKE A CE AVAILABLE FOR HITMAN 3!
My additional wishes are for a PC CE, and a PC-NA-CE release, but I’ll take what I can get.

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