Collectors Pack FREE (for Gold + Expansion Pass owners)


So every day I’m looking in the Playstation Store for a pre order option of the new HD collection. Just earlier today I checked.
THEN! Only a couple of hours after, the Midnight Suit is available for free!!!

I’m sure they did not announced this and so it makes me wonder :thinking: Simple mistake or wonderful surprise?
But very strange. They give the suit and not the Black Lilly or both at this point.

Well who cares!. Hurry up people

Damn this suit looks so great :heart_eyes:


Nice find! I hope this offer, glitchy or not, will last at least a week. I want me that suit!!

Kind of sour for Gold Édition owners though.


Gold Edition didnt have the Midnight Suit, only the Collectors Edition :joy:


Yeah, great suit.
Pity the PC players don’t have access to this one.
At least not the most part


Lucky guy :smiley: Have fun.


Hope you get to enjoy it, I can’t find the pack anywhere on the PS4 store, I even searched in the in-game store menu… Must be a regional thing.

This reminds me of when the GOTY Update for H1 was released and you could access the Patient Zero missions without paying for GOTY, but only if you played the game offline. They fixed that one quickly though, so I don’t think this Collector Pack will be free for long either.


Very cool, thank you for the info!


Some one at IOI is in trouble :grin:


Nice find haha, downloading this before they take it away :mask:
Now my suits set feels complete


Btw do you have two of these ducks now or is that duck just an early unlock?


This is for sure a mistake. They would had announced it proudly in advance.

@Urben I have a white duck with a red tie on it.



I mean the concussive duck ingame.

I too have the white real one. :wink:


The suit came with this one.


Ooff thats beautiful.
We do have a remote cuncussion rubber duck for an unlock in Sgail level 20 but the collectors edition is much nicer




I don’t mind them making the collectors exclusives available for people who didn’t buy the collectors edition but making it free is stupid. So let’s hope it’s a mistake.

Why overcharge for the stupid HD collection and then give away something you could actually make some money on lol.


As it is not available on all platforms it is 100% a glitch.


It was mentioned on @GreekAgent link yesterday on the PS upcoming

Surely has to have been planned if they’d listed it for today?

I can find it in the UK store, just says purchased for me as I had the collectors pack already.


Damn it! It’s not available in Taiwan’s PS Store. It surely seems like a regional offer. Guess I have to stick to Skyfall suit rather than John Wick style, :slight_smile:

Edit: Also no HD Enhanced Collection in sight.


Its available for xbox. Can anyone check if its free. If not, then its obviously a glitch and its intended for collectors edition owners to download it for free since there is no price listed.