Collectors Pack FREE (for Gold + Expansion Pass owners)


I just downloaded it. I like that black suit :heart_eyes:


Excellent! Thanks OP for the heads up :slight_smile:


This is one of the classic PlayStation Store mess ups. I say this because this isn’t the first time EXCLUSIVE DLC went live for everyone. I know two instances where this happened before on PS4 and only one on XBOX ONE. For Playstation it was Friday The 13th: The Game Kickstarter Exclusive Savini Jason and just recently Dead Of The Night for DLC pack one for Black Ops 4. This is one of those situations where someone over in Sony put a date down for release when the release wasn’t supposed to exist. Meaning for the Hitman 2 Collector’s Pack they released if for that regions store specifically on that specfic date because it was easier to put something so small a random release, but this would be significant for only us Hitman Players and someone in the community would notice. So to conclude this I’d say get this while it’s available. Unfortunately what sucks is Gold Edition people don’t get this no matter what (Which they should get this pack) and just the fact I bought Hitman 2 on my XB1 rather then my PS4 :slight_smile: oh well I can only hope someone over in microsoft slips up.


To explain the situation. Every store is Region Locked to some degree. From what happens someone who runs’s the Italian PS Store got lazy and instead of making the product unavailable for people who don’t have a collector’s edition code they gave an actual release date and priced it as free. If anything for Microsoft Store people they would need to keep tabs on every regions store to see if something changes because free stuff that’s “RARE” again rarely accidentally get’s released on XBOX.

#26 well here’s the answer.




Hey all “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” :wink: aka, a nice surpice form IOI.



Thank you :grin::grin:



If you guys now patch the CE coin into my wallet for free I call it a day!


Maybe it’s only available to those sharp dressed Italians (since no one else can seem to find it).

I have it as part of the CE and I love it.


This is something I didn’t expect, but it is welcomed.


Heck yesss


I own the standard edition so I guess I can’t get it. Suit looks alright but the Classic Black Gloved outfit is a bazillion times better and fortunately…that’s free for all!


This means I will have access to this chic suit on PC with my Gold GOTY Edition?


Fuck yeah :D. Nice gesture!


They have said it may take time to appear in your regions store, so if its not there id imagine it will be within 24 hrs


On XBOX i went to the expansion pass and clicked install and it worked, if you can’t find it on the store


It appears as normal on XB1. maybe it’s more a thinkg about Sony’sshop than them going back of their word. They even announced the pack of Facebook some minutes ago.


gonna be honest, I personally stick with sliverballers( well the one…:confused: ) and signature suit… its 47s thing, but hey, whatever gets ur goat:)