Collectors Pack FREE (for Gold + Expansion Pass owners)


Omg you guys are so nice! I wanted this suit so much.

I’m assuming a Blackballer, Midnight Suit, Briefcase bundle is coming soon. Otherwise gold edition owners would have needed a separate purchase.


Is this a black Silverballer?


Well black lilly, an ica19 with the hitman insignia.


Does it exist (image at least) or this is just a wish?



Black lilly comes with the executive pack.
You can actually unlock the black leather briefcase by doing the classics challenges on master difficulty


It’s not on the NA store yet, so I guess “soon” it is. :joy:


Oh, I actually have it already :slight_smile:
But I prefer to bring ICA19 Chrome with me


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@badeaguard, isn’t the black lily the black baller? Even has the hitman symbol.




Do the Collector owners also get a nice surprise? Because to me, this feels more like a stab towards the people who bought the Collector’s Edition. “Haha Collector owners, you know that bonus stuff you got for paying extra? We’re giving it away for free now.” :no_mouth:


Well, I was going to be disappointed that I missed out (though I assume it would’ve been a regional thing)
But… It’s intentionally being released for free for Gold/Expansion owners! Cool!

I’d say it’s kinda a waste of money if you bought the Collector’s Edition for just the digital content.


Always laugh at this sound when hear it from NPCs being bumped :slight_smile:

You have a physical briefcase stuffed with some goods unlike us


Its only available for free for peoples who bought the gold edition or the expansion pass though… Not free for everyone! Which I welcome since Collector edition was not available for me on PC.

And you still get the physical bonus which I think is the real collector stuff!


The Executive Pack was pre order exclusive. Expect that to be released down the road and to have a price tag on it similar to the requiem pack back during Season 1.


I think the physical items should be exclusive to Collector Editions. The Suit and Duck should of came with Gold Edition from Launch especially since Gold Edition buyers didn’t get any Day 1 content exclusive towards that edition. The Executive Pack was Pre Order Exclusive for anyone so this is honestly good PR on IOI since PC couldn’t even get these items.

The Gold and Collector Editions appeal to the hardcore Hitman Players so this makes sense why they would do this. Call me entitled, but this was the right thing to do especially since it adds that missing layer that the Gold edition didn’t have which was Day One Exclusive Bonuses for that Edition excluding the Executive Pack which was again exclusive for anyone who preordered the game before release.


Is it available on Steam right now? I can’t find it!


it’s rolling out, be patient


Oh wow. Looking forward to getting that Midnight Black suit for the PC (Steam).


Damn it! :rofl: I bought the digital Gold edition on the Xbox platform because I don’t like physical discs and I bought the Collector’s edition because I wanted that suit (it was a digital code in the pack). Oh well, at least it went some of the way to show my love and support for IOI. Plus I’ve still got the fantastic real duckie that came with the CE. :sunglasses:

For those that have been gifted it, enjoy the suit, It’s my go-to-suit and looking at the current list of future unlocks I don’t see myself switching to any of the others.


No, the briefcase with the executive pack is different from the one unlocked by doing the master challenges.