Collectors Pack FREE (for Gold + Expansion Pass owners)


Downloaded and installed :smiley:.


I got a Remote Concussion Collectors Duck and a Midnight Black Suit :smiley:.


They should have used the red tie duck for the image


How much will the blood money + absolution pack be on ps4?


We dont know yet but we’ll find out on Friday :grinning:


Is that suit only for PS4? Wish it would be available on PC aswell, but I can’t even find a collectors pack DLC on Steam. I got the gold pass so I was hoping it would magically sneak into my wardrobe but it isn’t to be found yet :smiley:


I presume you would have to download it, if you cant find it in the store now then its coming soon

Its for all platforms


I got it!!!



Okay, great :slight_smile: 20characters


Doubt I would have noticed this, so thanks IO, and OP for the heads up. :hearts:


As a standard edition customer, I admit to feeling tempted to buy the expansion pass. Probably the point of this all :wink:


Thank you IO, I wasn’t a fan of this being exclusive to the collectors edition, this probably my favorite suit in the game right now!
Gold Edition user, got the DLC on steam automatically, working fine!


It has not shown up in the US store yet. Waiting… :).


I don’t buy the next Collector’s Edition, this really pisses me off. Content is not exclusive anymore and they give it away for free!?. And what is the free reward for CE Edition owners?
I grant it to everyone, but i find it a cheek after 2 months of release!


It’s not free, its added only for Gold Edition owners. Standard and Silver version owners won’t get that.

If you payd 3x price for Collection Edition only because for these two little digital stuff then sorry to tell that but you’re powned :smiley: And if you brought because to have something more than others then you got physical bonuses. Otherwise you’re covetous.

You got what you wanted. Or you wanted to other have less than you? That is not nice :slight_smile:


I don’t care about what the game costs. I bought the game twice (Gold + CE) cause i trust IO’s creativity and skills and i want to support the creators of my favorite game. I would pay any price.
What bothers me is IO lying. Calling content exclusive for CE and then making it free for another edition is a lie. And especially after that short period of game release.
The marketing strategy i expect is to motivate new players/silver edition owners buying/upgrade gold edition.
The way they handeld it in Season 1 was ok for me and a fair marketing strategy for Ce owners. The Requiem Pack was buyable after about 1 year of release.

Nope, like i said i grant it to everyone and i hope you will enjoy it :wink:


Did you read what i’ve said? It’s not free for everyone. Dude seriously chillout, it’s not a big deal - it’s stupid two digital skins. And yeah, you’re not nice, you want to other have less than you. It’s your point, thats why you’re angry because of that.


I bought the collectors edition, but i’m glad they released these, nobody bought the collectors edition for the extra content and i asked Travis before it came out, he said he thinks at some point they will be purchasable


It’s still the principal - you can’t advertise something as being exclusive to owners of a specific edition of a game and then give it away later unless it was specifically advertised as being a timed exclusive window.

It’s extremely misleading, and if someone got annoyed enough they could probably make a claim if their country has strict enough rules surrounding misleading or deceptive advertising. Not that anyone would, as it’s really just two skins.


But no one who is serious won’t make a big deal because of two silly skins. They got what they payed for. Question is - they wanted to have extra items, or be “better than others”?

But i agree that IOI’s Marketing suks. Like always since H1 2016, making people to be confused.


I think we have to consider the fact that the CE was almost impossible to get for PC players. I get being frustrated, but this is a special case imo.