Collectors Pack FREE (for Gold + Expansion Pass owners)


Anyone in NA able to get it? I don’t know where to find it.


I’m sure there would be someone out there that would do something just to get a partial or complete refund, even though it’s insignificant.

People can be extremely cheap.


Not yet, on the twitter page they said the Expansion Pack section. There is a download button there, but nothing happens when you click on it. I think we may need to wait a bit longer.


Holy shit! Midnight suit and Andrea finally agreed to have a drink at the bar. Chicks dig it.


You can ask a random NPC to the bar for a drink? Is that newly added?

This game is so amazing in its details, you can play this game over and over again and you will still keep finding new details.


You get this if you bought the Gold Edition. The Silvers and below still don’t get this stuff.

Collectors have that fancy physical briefcase, key rings and stuff. Those will never be given away.

It’s those limited run physical items btw that are the actual “Collectors items”. It was never the digital parts of it. Years from now if you’re offering stuff up to ALL-STAR DEALERS you’d be selling the physical stuff. They won’t ask for your precious Midnight Suit digital item. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well to be honest she was a bit mad at 47 when the picture was taken, because he first went behind the bar to organise drinks for the two, without getting a waiter disguise first.

Also the DLC downloaded and installed automatically for me. If it isn’t installed for you but you got the gold edition, check your list of DLCs and manually install it from there.


It’s a suit and an almost identical version of the other concussive duck, yes cool items to have but I don’t see why people are complaining saying it should of been CE exclusive, I purchase the CE and it doesn’t bother me what they’ve done one bit. Plus following what they did with the requiem pack last time we should of expected this.


People are mad that they paid 150€ for the suit and the lunch box and we only 100€ and got it for free? :joy:
Guess @Affliction is right that some just wants to have better things than others.


It’s ridiculous mate, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, glad you guys get to enjoy it too!


Hands up who bought Gold to not have that awful black suit in their inventory and is thinking about a refund now.

Nobody? :stuck_out_tongue:


I only found out about that suit like 3 days ago and thought “Ah damn, I would’ve really liked that!” So that worked out alright. :smiley:


But… But I love that suit :disappointed_relieved:


It isn’t awful. It’s just the new version of teh Signature Suit but with a black shirt that honestly looks more like charcoal. Even has the same red silky lining inside the jacket and the weird looking spots that make the suit look dirty.


I am not serious here, I just look for mad opinions that were not shared yet. :+1:


Just woke up and found the suit and collector’s duck in my inventory, huehuehue. Now I don’t have to grind to Mastery Level 20 in Isle of Sgail!

Though I have to say, the suit and the duck is pretty sweet.


I’m really happy IO decided to share the love. As someone who bought the Collectors Edition early, I hope everyone finds good use out of the suit. I sure love it.


Still no suit in the NA store.


IOI did this as a way to push Gold Edition sales and for people to purchase the Expansion Pass. Sorry your Collectors Edition physical items don’t tinkle your entitlement. This was a good on IOI’s part since it’s not for everyone it is for people who are the Hardcore Players that want a sense of completion rather than anything.


You guys don’t get my whole point

You only repead what i already said and think you misunderstood my criticism. I’m glad for everyone who can use it now cause it’s a fancy suit and duck. I’m not jealous or mad cause other people can have it now. That’s totally not my point!

I’m bothered by IO advertising content beeing exclusive which isn’t after two months of game release.
Why not adding the midnight suit with gloves for all gold + expansion pass owners? Or giving all S1 locations suits with gloves for free? There are so many other things they could add for free and remain the CE content exclusive. And still push their gold upgrade marketing.