Collectors Pack FREE (for Gold + Expansion Pass owners)


The Gloved Outfits are in the game and what the community is speculating is they plan on releasing the ET from Season 1 again. I do think that a thread is needed to speak about the whole Elusive Target Outfits since we never got clarity from IOI on why we don’t have these outfits. So I do see the concern that people have when it comes to this. We still haven’t gotten any word on the IOI Anniversary Suit Pack which the community wants. So I’m gonna start a thread on this subject especially since we need some clarity from Travis or someone from IOI


Canada here, still waiting :open_mouth:


I just did, still nothing.


What region?
Its hopefully coming soon


I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me. I know what the pass is and where to find it, it’s just I’m not seeing it in NA yet.


Seeing an image of 47 in a different outfit ruins my immersion. I avoided completing all Holliday Hoarders challenges, purposely killed myself during every ETs and didn’t buy Patient Zero. So I only had the Classic suit and the Requiem suit. Sure, there was also the level specific suits who stand out like a sore thumb, but I managed to ignore them. But now I’m getting another horrible suit without a tie!

I never asked for this! 47 always wears ties! Great way to ruin the immersion and 18 years of lore. If IO doesn’t removes the suit from my game, I’m going to sue them!


Still I can understand why some people are angry. Imagine buying the CE because you wanted to suit, only to learn that you would’ve gotten it a lot cheaper if you had waited two months.


Of what are they complaining to being with if the point of a Collector’s Edition is more about the physical stuff rather the digital one. Besides, it isn’t like the digital here is something extremely game changing.


Oh I didn’t see that there is no “Add to Card” option yet, but it says Released Jan 10, 2019.
Never mind then.^^


The collector pack is available for the NA store now. Just click Expansion Packs and download and the system will automatically download the Collector’s Pack.



I bought the gold edition from NA store.but i still see nothing in the game or in the store about this pack.I even clicked expansion packs ,nothing happened.


Description for expansion packs literally says new sniper maps new locations new suits. It was planned no?


That means new suits that come with the new locations, when the expansions are actually released.


They definitely could have worded it better…

The Ubisoft version of this would have been a bit different:

“Midnight Black Suit as Exclusive Digital Content”

“Collector’s Edition benefits: Midnight Black Suit Fully Unlocked”

That way they don’t claim that the whatever edition is the only way to unlock it. It just says that this content will unlock once you buy the whatever edition/pack. The word “exclusive” is never used and over time Ubisoft players have learned to understand that when you buy-in you are really usually just buying a 1 or 2 year head start on other players.

Ubi very smart. :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you know that?


“New Outfits”. The Midnight Suit isn’t new, it was part of the CE and in the game since the very start.


I just clicked on the download button in the Expansion DLC choice. It worked for me.


Ok then I got me a “new” midnight suit! Lol


Exactly why Ubisoft work very hard at the wordings on their ads…

They never word it as if they will fragment the content set. Their message is always that you are buying “Unlocks” and “Access”, not “Content”.


Ok, it’s weird. For the NA store, I was able to add the download item from a expansion pass from my PS App, but it doesn’t seem to be downloading on the PS4.

Anyone else had the luck downloading in the NA store?


Not salty at anyone, but I bought the Collector’s Edition specifically for the Midnight Black Suit and [much more so] the Remote Concussive Rubber Duck. If I had known that those items would be available to Gold Edition owners this soon after the game’s launch, then I would have made a different purchasing decision and bought the Gold rather than the Collector’s Edition. Hey-ho.

For anyone who’s interested, my thinking was as follows. The real thing I wanted was the extra Remote Concussive Rubber Duck, because if you unlocked one anyway in the standard game with Mastery in the right levels, then you’d have 2x Concussive Rubber Ducks available in your loadout, which whould give you objectively more options in your strategies. Much like pre-ordering HITMAN 2016 gave you the Requiem Pack with the extra Remote Explosive Rubber Duck in the form of the Pale Duck, which when combined with the standard unlockable rubber duck gave you 2x non-suspicious remote explosives and tangibly increased your loadout options (which was the only way to have this loadout prior to the release of the Explosive Cell Phone, the Iconator and the Napoleon Blownaparte, all of which weren’t available for some time after the initial launch of HITMAN 2016).

For HITMAN 2016, the initially pre-order-only Requiem Pack wasn’t available for general purchase for quite a long time after the game launched (I can’t remember how long, but much more of a wait than there has been for the Collector’s Edition exclusives to become available to Gold owners in HITMAN 2). On that basis I assumed that while the Midnight Black Suit and extra Remote Concussive Rubber Duck would eventually be available to non-CE owners, I imagined that the release of the CE items would be several months at least. Knowing that I’d be playing the game a lot straight after launch, I didn’t want to wait what I thought would be several months to have that extra loadout option in my locker, and so I plumped for the Collector’s Edition when buying the game. While I’m glad that everyone else is now getting the option to play with the extra duck (and wear the new suit), I think I would have made a different purchasing decision if I had known that I would only have to wait 2 months to get the extra loadout option. Not wailing or gnashing my teeth in rage, but just noting why I purchased the CE and that I would have done it differently if I had known what was coming down the line.