Collectors Pack FREE (for Gold + Expansion Pass owners)


Showed up on Steam PC and was already automatically in my inventory. I didn’t have to download anything! :smile:

Now we have two Concussion ducks! But I think the pistol didn’t double over. :stuck_out_tongue:


I purchased the Expansion Pass but don’t see the Collector’s Pack DLC. This is for PS4 in the United States. Has it not shown up in the US yet?


tbh this move surprised me. I always assumed IO planned to have the Concussive Duck exclusive to the CE until people bitched and moaned.

Reason for that is that the design of the duck that appears as the one you can unlock, was originally included in all the CE promo material. When the game was released, the design of the CE duck had changed because the original version of the CE Duck was now just a normal unlock in the game. So I always figured that with the change made to give people a Concussive Duck, the second one would just remain exclusive to the CE.


Not for me either. Collectors Pack for US PS Store is not showing @Travis_IOI little help?


Glad I’m not the only one having issues locating this and getting it downloaded.


The midnight suit is the only one I rock in this game, I also use the chrome baller gun with it.


It’s so strange that it’s not on the NA store yet. It has to be in the backend somewhere… other regions are downloading it no problem (even doing workarounds by redownloading the Expansion Pass. But no luck here.)
Or, they just didn’t upload it to the store servers yet. :frowning:

Argh. Patience is wild beast.


Yes, it is very strange that the Collector’s Pack DLC can’t be downloaded from the United States PlayStation Store, despite other regions being able to download it without a problem.

I was thinking of redownloading the Expansion Pass but I won’t after hearing you say that doesn’t fix it.

I sent an email to IOI to alert them of what is going on. Hopefully @Travis_IOI can help us with this.


PS US store never got the Update. As far as I know all regions and platforms besides PS US got it.


They got the update couple days ago. Its available for US stores


two days ago it wasn’t up so I was just making sure.


It apparently got fixed a day or two ago and I was able to download it from the US PlayStation store. Everything seems to be in order now. I love the game!


@Travis_IOI Wonder if you can help me out. It’s not the worst thing in the world but with the release of the Collector edition content for others, I should have bought the digital Gold edition in retrospect. I paid more money, I have to have the disc in to play, I have a physical item that I didn’t want (and my wife does not like!) taking up space and I am not able to use two accounts on two Xboxes for Ghost or Sniper activities (although maybe private matches are not allowed, I haven’t looked). The upshot is to ask if I can get a code for the digital edition to alleviate the problems. Any thoughts?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they aren’t gonna hand out free codes. If anything you can attempt for a refund, but chances are since it’s opened and it’s now months since H2 released they won’t accept it back. I suggest biting the bullet and accepting the mistake for the future. IOI usually releases all DLC for everyone down the line so it was bound to happen. Sorry my dude hope you and your wife find mutual ground, but you’re stuff with the collectors edition.

Remember. If you don’t want physical items, but want the digital items just WAIT.


I do understand what you’re saying. Worth asking, though, as nothing is lost in doing that. Things can work out if there is a valid point; I recently got something from Ubi by persisting with what I felt was a valid point and it seems they agreed and sent me a code for Odyssey (despite doing everything they can to appear to be as bad as EA).


I bought the Collector’s edition and the Gold digital edition when they came out because 1) I hate using discs (having it in the machine sucks!), 2) I wanted the Collector’s edition pack. If I’d known, I would have just got the digital gold. However, the good news is that they are compatible. So I’d suggest waiting for a sale and buying the cheapest possible digital version of H2. Expansion packs 1 & 2 with the CE were already digital codes, as was the CE pack, so you only need a digital base game.


Sell the collectors on eBay and purchase a digital copy on the PS/Xbox store?


good point well presented


You may even find you get close to what you paid for the CE with it being limited quantity and presumably sold out at most retailers :+1:t2:


thanks - looks like a way forward, can maybe do what Jamy47 says and sell the collector pack, too (minus codes but maybe someone might want it)