Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


Three targets is nothing new. I just wanna see a gruesome crocodile kill!


Was that a hippo at the end?


Yes, The working title for the level was The Hippo, it is related to a kill opportunity in the level


Oh my god this trailer is fuckin amazing!!! :smiley:

I loved how 47 popped out the bushes with the Fiber Wire! Striking his prey!! Oh yeah!!

The hippo really has me intrigued, can’t wait to use that opportunity.

Also, is this that girl from Paris? The one Margolis talks to on the balcony outside??


Andrea Martinez (just now with longer hair??)



It would be awesome if it were


It looks in this trailer like they’ve tweaked 47’s appearance again. He seems a bit older and sterner: closer to the Absolution version of the character.

(It could be the result of lighting or general graphical changes/improvements, though. Or it could be my extremely dodgy eyesight. lol)


Actually, there could be a lot of IAGO clients we run into this season.


I agree that the level looks great … but I do wish explosions blew enemies to pieces instead of just catapulting their rag-doll bodies into the air, like they’ve been slapped with a giant invisible hand. I’m not a gore fan, but I do like realism, where possible, in my mature-rated games.

I’ve been playing Tomb Raider and that’s not afraid to show real violence; just ask anyone who’s tried and failed to make a jump over a spike pit. lol


While I like callbacks to previous missions as well as NPC mentioned in earlier missions returning as targets, I hope they don’t went overboard. I don’t want every second target being someone already mentioned before. Some of them should be people we never heard off before.


Not all explosions blow people apart though. I agree that there should be variation, but we just gotta accept what we have.


Absolutely. I was just meaning to say that there are a lot of opportunities and there has to be some connection as this is the same story as the first game.


It’s not a deal-breaker for me by any stretch. Just a minor annoyance. I want the game to be as good and feel as authentic as it can. I just feel that explosions would be more gratifying to use if they caused some visible damage to character models. (Even if it’s only superficial, e.g. I’d be happier if exploded targets looked cut and bloodied, but kept all of their limbs intact.)


Honestly though, how many times does this actually happen though? Not too often at all. I think it’s great that they’re doing that (if that really is Andrea Martinez, that is)


Well IO have done a good job with fixing these little details so far so it might still be on the cards, but I don’t mind if there is no gore, cuts and dismemberment only occur with fragments I think. I am no soldier (ironically my grandfather protected explosive ordinance units in WWII)


Where is the briefing??


Parts of this trailer are from what will be the in-game briefing


Yeah, but when I read ‘briefing’ I was expecting the full mission briefing. I thought it was leaked. Bummer.


Rico Delgado

Andrea Martinez

Jorge Franco


This fool wearin’ gym shorts!


I would honestly like to go after Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali. I mean, he should have a grudge on 47 anyway, right?