Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


Where did you get the target names from?


From the leaks most likely.There’s info about all the targets names from other levels too iirc


Diana should really say “Welcome BACK to Colombia”, he’s already been there three times before.

In case some people here are new to the Hitman franchise, Delgado is a Chilean crime family in Blood Money that operated a subterranean cocaine factory out of a vineyard in Colchagua Valley. Fernando and Manuel were the targets.
The Delgados been referenced a couple of times in Season 1 as well so I assume these are the remains of the organisation. Judging by the fact that they used IAGO intelligence to assist in the downing of a world leader’s plane, it’s safe to say they’ve branched into narcoterrorism (if they hadn’t already).


If we don’t get at least one reference to Fernando or Manual Delgado I’m a little disappointed


Yeah. I just found the file. Very interesting!


If the target names are right, then great job identifying the female target, @AGENT4T7! Can’t believe you actually recognized the similarity from HITMAN. :slight_smile: I couldn’t have done it if you had given me photos.


Makes perfect sense though. No one on that balcony was injured in the story and they made it very clear who she was and where she was from. She just clearly likes to ahem show off when it is warmer. It was Fall in Paris.


It was never stated when exactly that attack happend, wasn’t it? Maybe that’s the reason why the ICA was hired to kill Fernando and Manuel Delgado in the first place?


I notice that the 3rd target has a unique walking animation (for his stooped posture). This is something new in HITMAN 2, I believe?


Leaks my friend, leaks. :wink:

Zero effort


In the words of Mr. X “That is true.”

That could have been the reason it needed to look like a drug hit, as Manuel was the actual target. The fact that the cartel now has three leaders implies that it’s expanded since Blood Money, with one of the blood relatives (Rico) being one of those leaders.


Not really. The Sarajevo Six target in Hokkaido had an unique walking animation as well.


Also Owen Cage as well.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that.


J. Brooke in Hokkaido - limp due to “work injury.”


The Point Man in Colorado too.


It is a new walking animation though. ‘Old man’ walk :laughing:


Wasn’t he there only once, to kill Ochoa? It was spread out over three missions but it was all one trek.
The Delgados, as you said, were in Chile.


Martinez from now so sexy!


I wonder if you can feed that hippo cocaine? Make it violent.