Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


I miss the cinematic trailers. Not a fan of the music selection either.


I know, right. Credit to IO for creating a sexy female character. I wasn’t sure that was allowed in 2018. lol

I almost don’t wanna kill her because she’s an endangered species.


but most of the women targets in 2016 were attractive? i guess seeing more of someone’s chest makes them sexier :stuck_out_tongue:


True, they were attractive.

It does. Not better looking or more attractive human beings, but sexier, yes. That’s why people wear short dresses instead of lab coats like Francesca De Santis’s on dates. lol


Awoight, Johnny Wonder 'ere. I’m in the dangerous forests of Colombia searching for the rarest of species: the sexy female video game character.


Am I the only one who notices the soundtrack at the beginning of the trailer right before the hideous techno music? I could swear it leans more towards the Jesper Kyd style from the old games than from HITMAN (2016). Could Jesper’s return be in the cards?


no. it’s Niels. but the reason you may think it’s leaning more towards Kyd is because Niels has improved and now understands what music would fit the games. you can find many gameplay videos of Miami. there’s tons of ambience and situational tracks that sound much better and different than 2016’s Bond-esque OST. i can provide examples if you want


Looks great. I’m pumped for this game. Let’s hope the region-friendly voices sound suitable, too.


That won’t be necessary. I’m actually watching a gameplay video right now. So far the only thing that stands out in Miami is the go-go music inside the bars, to me, anyway. So Niels is the same composer from 2016?
Okay, I really like the chorus and the clangs in Columbia, looks like it’s shaping up to be great. I’ve always believed that the soundtrack is half of the experience in Hitman, I hope development is heading in that direction.


You mean you have heard this?


yes, indeed Niels is the same composer from 2016. they want Niels to do the OST because it’s much more personal and the team is able to work with him directly on every track, to find the perfect sound. obviously we all want Kyd back, but IO has an importance with the personal touch, it seems. which has been working out well so far :slight_smile:


No, I haven’t. I was talking about the official trailer. It doesn’t sound like the same music.

#53 5:00 and 32:28 there’s tracks from Miami. the track from this teaser is in Colombia the Sniper Assassin OST


Yeah, I liked Columbia the best. I like how they emphasized the mood and the music in the video, that’s the closet I’ve seen IO address the issue.


this is what Lasse (from IOI) had to say about it


So the question remains, what is Providence’s stake with the Delgardos. I think it has something based on their assassination of the Mexican president. I mean the Mexican Interior Secretary was a Providence agent or at least knew who one was. May be it is revenge


Well the Delgado is part of the Shadow Client militia. They take part in the Maya Parvati’s plan to assassinate Torres.


Really well then shit I must have missed the dialogue for that then. Nice to know that two years on there is still dialogue I skipped or missed.


Assassination of the Mexican president? Since when the Delgados are involved in Mexico?


My guess is since they are a Cartel, Mexico is an important smuggling point into the States. Also a president who wipes out Mexican Cartels might allow South American cartels to move in. But I am not a Narco so I am not 100 percent sure. The Paris opening states that the Delgardo shot down a government air-plane with IAGO information