Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


I know most heard this conversation in Paris by now, but with all this talk about Colombia and Andrea Martinez, I thought I would include the dialogue between her and Dalia Margolis, anyway. Just in case. I love how they mentioned Rico, even way back then. Obviously IO was planning wayy ahead :grinning:

Dalia Margolis: “Miss Martinez. I hear our last deal paid off.”

Andrea Martinez: “-My employers are very pleased. Because of your Intel, the glory of the Delgado cartel has been restored. Our rivals, well, they never knew what hit them.”

Dalia Margolis: “-Well, happy to help.”

Andrea Martinez: “-My employers wonder if you would have any eyes within the American DEA? They’re planning a large operation against our stateside distributors, and we’d like to know locations, dates, and especially… names.”

Dalia Margolis: “-I can do that.”

Andrea Martinez: “-I’ll pass on the good news. Oh, and by the way, Rico Delgado asks you to marry him.”

Dalia Margolis: “-Is he the nice one or the psychotic one?”

Andrea Martinez: “-You mean there are two types of men?”

Dalia Margolis: “-Well… tell him I’ll think about it.”


The psycho one, Rico is definitely the psychotic one. :joy:


You think?? Idk, I was actually thinking the opposite haha “The Cook” I’m assuming is the one mainly in charge of the coke? That could explain a lot… perhaps? Maybe he don’t follow “the golden rule”


Does The Cook in cartels usually straight up execute civilians in the street? :joy:

I think Jorge might be the one in charge of cooking (he has a vial of something on him) and Martinez is distribution and financing. Rico is the boss due to the family name and an enforcer

Killing Jorge is going to remind me of getting the grandma arrested in Amendment XXV


Good point :rofl:

Well then, he certainly doesn’t take after Fernando Delgado. Going by his story in BM he was pretty “level headed” Manuel (his son) got “high on his own supply” lol


Well Fernando was a Pinochet Officer so there was a good chance he has tortured and executed people since he worked Intelligence


Very likely…

But now that I think about it… “The Cook” could execute a civilian (if he was high off his ass at the time? Maybe? Lmao

Idk, time will tell who really is who. Then again, who can really be “nice” when involved in that line of work? :man_shrugging:


All I’m hoping for is that at least one of these targets fights back when you confront them, instead of cowering like a wimp when you point a gun at them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Granted but now 47 dies in one hit

My wish is for… wait this is not the Corrupt a wish thread damn it



The only target that fought back in HITMAN was Patrick Morgan (The Sarajevo Six) and only PS4 players could even experience it :laughing:

I mean don’t get me wrong, some of the targets say funny/interesting shit when you hold them up. But come on… this is a damn drug cartel. The Delgado Cartel at that! They better put up a fight


Just recycle Ochoa’s corny one liners, they should’t even change the voice or sound quality. It’ll be a cheesy accent that sounds like PS2


Haha even that would be a step up!


“Hijo de puta!!! I will fucking end you!!!” Rico pulls out a China Lake grenade launcher and goes hog wild in the village



“I’m gonna dump you into the river and watch the hippos rip you apart!”


As awesome and well made as that film is it is not either the new or even old Hitman. But yes having targets fight back (when applicabel, Ken Morgan shouldn’t pull out an RPG and blow 47 up) would be nice in an “I want all fans to have an awesome game” way.

Like the health debate it wont matter to me since I don’t like getting caught. I mean he (Rico) pulls out and uses a gun in the trailer I think. I want Jorge to bull out a minigun and shatter all the bones firing it :joy:


No, exactly. Not ALL targets should fight back. That wouldn’t make sense. Only when necessary. I mean look at General Zaydan. A freaking army general not being armed?? Pfft…

Targets like Ken Morgan, fine. Him begging and pleading is understandable. But Zaydan, Novikov, Parvatti? Come on! Haha


Zeydan was a pussy even his own men knew he was not a real fighter, he patted himself on the back and got away with it because his family were rich. To me only Rose and Pavarti should have fought back, even then Rose might do a tactical retreat since he was Op leader


All targets that fight back should have unique weapons as well, that you could use in the other missions once you retrieved them like in the previous games.
Like, give Delgado a mini gun or something. Just to see that weapon come back, I loved using it in Contracts and firing it at every single SWAT officer in Paris.


That might be a step to far maybe one or two people should have a nice gun. It looks like the Cartels Colts all have details on them, as seen when 47 shoots the aquarium tank.