Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


Agreed. But someone like him should have still been armed. Rose and Parvatti, yes. But so should have Marco Abiatti and Kwang…


To be fair Zaydan was said to be a coward by his men for not seeing real combat despite leading the strike team that apprehended the Mongoose or something. Novikov was also going legit and leaving his past life behind him so thats why he wasnt armed and instead had a bodyguard.

There’s no excuse for the Colorado targets though. Maybe for Graves and Berg since they were too “nerdy” but Parvati and Rose should have fought back.


Abiatti was the kind of guy who let trigger-men do his dirty work but maybe a side arm for protection? and Kong felt to smart to put himself in position where violence occurred


Also true, but like I just said, Abiatti and Kwang? Surely they should have been armed as well. After all Marco was involved with the mob for crying out loud lol


Novikov didn’t strike me as the direct violence guy. What is that saying “all bark and no bite” But yes Rose and Pavarti should engage in active combat


I did say side arm for protection didn’t I or have you not seen the edit.


True, but they were both criminals dealing in dangerous business. Surely they would be the types to have a side arm for protection-- even with bodyguards


No I didn’t see it till now :joy::joy::joy:

But with Novikov yes, “all bark no bite” but even in his Intel it said “this is not someone you back into a corner”


Well I have never met any career criminals but yes for protection maybe a five second delay before shooting? Although Kong was only a shady contractor like every contractor in China, Abiatti is a resort to violence guy (he kills a priest if you do it right). But Kong still feels like a no to me, Abiatti a yes.


Which would make sense for him carrying a gun.

Good so we agree then lol


Huzzah, we agree so out of the twenty seven targets (not counting ET or Christmas only three will carry a gun. An Obsessive Compulsive, The Amputee and The Average Italian Politician. And two maybes The Russian Real Estate Agent (Novikov sill feels like a no to me, he has an image to maintain now) and The Chinese Construction Mogul


Perhaps, but it would be nice to see more targets that have “balls” rather than all these “self made billionaire pansies” haha

Well, I fee like we’re really derailing this thread lol perhaps we should get back on topic…


Well Sierra and Robert both have balls and so do some of the other Blue Collar crims but yes. Back on topic, how do you feel about feeding raw cocaine to a hippo in order to kill someone with him?




That GIF looks like it is on cocaine, not the man the actual GIF :joy:


Lmao nah, that would be totally awesome though. In the trailer we see 47 throw a cocaine package at someone, that should have a funny effect as well (imo) :joy:


It’s both absurd and awesome at the same time. A bald man in a suit drugging a savage rhino to accidentally kill a cartel boss in a coked up rampage. That’s why I love this series.


Rose was a bomber so maybe he doesn’t know any combat experience. But yeah, maybe Parvati should’ve fought back.


I think he would have some combat training given he has spent his while life with radical militants. But yes Maya should be able to fight back


I don’t think the cocaine is even necessary. Hippos are very aggressive, very territorial animals. More people are killed by hippos each year than lions. Simply pushing someone into the water right next to hit is probably enough for a hippo to feel threatened.