Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


Dude don’t ruin this for us, it sounds better my way. :grinning:


New things:
0:19 Ak-47.
0:41 Nice cloth modifier.
0:45 Fiber Wire visible.
0:56 Pistol (Without silencer or The ability to attach and remove silencer).
0:59 Uzi.

0:04 Why does his tie look so weird? Looks stained or wet (dark on some parts).

Final Thoughts:
Really hyped but is this pre-beta or beta footage because graphics look a little weird as compared to the previous season, looks a bit blurry.


and 2 different type of scopes again here, 1when he looks at all 3 targets and another one when he aims napier to shoot that thing from the ceiling…


Level looks amazing!!! Can’t wait to get playing. Think Colombia is going to definitely going to have tons of replay ability


it’s a mac-10. and the 2 gameplay trailers we got have had blurry textures. look at the Miami gameplay trailer.


Hippos are violent without it. I hope it can bite heads off (hippos have decapitated people).


That would be freaking awesome! But would require a special animation, so I wouldn’t count on it, unfortunately.


I hope the Hippo is something similar to the rhino in “The Punisher” game

I wonder if we can put a contract out on the hippo in Contracts mode?

(Kidding obviously) :joy:


And the “Snake Kill”

Come to think of it, there are a shit ton of kills in “The Punisher” game that should really be in Hitman :smiley:

Need some inspiration, IO? Lol


We need another punisher game. Loved playing that.


Same here. Countless hours went into playing that game. If they don’t make a second one I wish they would just remaster it at least.


I’m that not excited for Columbia.

Hitman 2: Far Cry Edition?


  1. Infiltrate hostile base/village.
  2. Neutralise militia bodyguards
  3. Eliminate drug lord/militia commander
  4. Escape

We’ve seen this formulaic concept for Jungle Levels a million times in video games - both in Hitman, Far Cry and many others.

I hope the unannounced maps will be more unique like Miami.

Have to admit though… the hippo kill will be awesome!


Actually it’s more like Hitman 2: Codename 47 Colombia Levels & A Vintage Year Expanded Edition. Those levels in the first Hitman came way before Far Cry, so in any case the latter copied the former :stuck_out_tongue:


The super-mansion is not a cliche what would be cliche is the 80’s opulence palace or neo-Spanish hacienda. There is also a submarine base, ruins and a mine/tunnel system. Who care if it is a trope if there is detail and characters put into it (Far Cry doesn’t, HITMAN does)

You don’t have to neutralize all the bodyguards

We have three unique characters all of who save for Rico subvert your typical drug runner but even then Rico might be well written certainly better written than Vaas or Hoyt

Also Hitman C47 and Hitman BM came out before Far Cry. This level is based on reality and in reality Colombia’s cartels now live in the jungle since the cities have purged them

But yes that hippo kill is creative and new and that is what matters creative opportunities and kills.


The map features a jungle with hideable bushes, a cocoa field, an underground mine, a mansion and a village. What Far Cry games are you playing?


Never said Far Cry did it before Hitman. Just saying it’s a setting/formula that’s been done to death. I was hyped when Miami was teased because it’s something we haven’t seen much of before (if ever?). It’s a setting that is original and therefore exciting. A jungle level just doesn’t excite me.


I wasn’t excited for Colombia either but after seeing all that it has to offer has made me excited for me to actually play the level. It is all the details and kills I like, being a new concept would have been a plus.


Far Cry games have weed fields, plenty of villages, and lots of jungle. The addition of a mansion or underground mine is not going to increase my hype for the level.


if it doesn’t interest you, it’s fine. i mean, the level is clearly fanservice (Delgados, jungle). not every level is gonna be something entirely new and innovative like Miami. if you’re expecting that, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment :slight_smile:

this is still the Hitman formula, and this is H2’s take on the “overdone” formula done previously. C47 and BM won’t have this level of approach, nor have games like Far Cry replicated the new Hitman formula. just because it’s similar in concept doesn’t mean it can’t be unique


Can you hide in the bushes? Can you stun an embassy guard with a flash grenade? Can you sneak up on your prey in new ways? I don’t think so.


Season 1 delivered, in my opinion, 5 innovative maps (bar Colorado). So I don’t see how expecting the same for Season 2 is setting myself up for disappointment.

I’m sure the map will have an interesting layout and entertaining kills (like most Hitman levels). But the jungle setting, for me, doesn’t build up a lot of hype.

I wasn’t referring to Hitman 2’s new gameplay features (which I am hyped for). I was referring my lack of excitement at the jungle setting and formulaic concept of Columbia.

We can debate this until the cow’s come home. You guys are hyped! That’s cool :+1: I was just putting in my piece.