Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


Yes let’s wait until all of us here have played the level then we can judge it on its merits. Lets all agree that this level could have been worse or a more stereotypical Colombian level


oh, well if all of s1 was innovative to you, i think we have different ideas of what innovative is :stuck_out_tongue: so no point in arguing about that

and i’m pretty sure 2oda is just memeing the World of Assassination narrator :smile:


That went straight over my head lol. Thought that was a strange point to make.


I prefer jumping them while they are using the men’s room, less escape options there.


Well, still, the innovations to the gameplay mechanics will make playing the level a different experience to Far Cry. After all, Hitman 2 is the most ambitious game in the Agent 47 universe yet, and the World of AssassinationTM ensures that all the new features across AIIIIII, combat, gameplay items, graphics improvements and new game modes will be available across all of Season 1 content as well.


And thankfully, we season 1 owners will get all remastered and enhanced season 1 content, for free. :grinning:


And as IO improves Hitman 2, they’ll improve all of the World of AssassinationTM.


A world that will never stop growing, and will never stop challenging us.


Boii what’s all this parroting? :joy:


Well, we live in a World of Assassination… And once you know, there is no going back. :wink:


That is exactly what Hitman always was.


Why are you taking my post out of context? Nice of you to leave out my following sentence where I said:

I wasn’t saying Hitman wasn’t like that. I was saying we’ve seen that formula imbedded within a jungle setting many times before, both in Hitman and other games. Which is why my anticipation for Columbia is no where near as high as what it is for Miami.


I’m excited for Colombia, especially to explore the village but there’s no reason to jump on Rieper guys what he said is fair enough.


Oh… I’m so NOT watching that… :smiley:


:musical_note: Come with me and you’ll be/ in a world of pure assassination :musical_note:


Did you guys also see the underground tunnels?

Think that will be a bit new to a jungle level?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s probably a secret smuggle tunnel to move around the coke without people knowing about it


Or a bunker to store stuff in case of an attack on the surface,


Or just a mine because they want to make diamond armor and equipment before killing the ender dragon.


All fun and stuff but the fuck this fool wearing flip-flops!?


Don Fernando will turn over in his grave if he saw a clown like this leading his cartel smh :joy: