Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


Could be worse, it could be sandals and socks


but Don Fernandos outfit was just a rip off from Pablos Outfit, missing the 80s Style Collar of his Shirt.

But i wouldnt wear Flip Flops in a Jungle full of poisonous Snakes :joy:


And Pablo’s out fit ripped off the Tony Montana leisure suit :smiling_imp:


not so sure about that…


Oh God not even anyone from the nineties remembers Sierra Games (outside of LSL), they got totally buried by LucasArts.

But yes Montanta, Ochoa and Larry both wear the same type of clothing. The leisure suit died along side the Rubik’s Cube and feathered hair.


Ken Rosenberg wore a nice one as well.
But Pablo wore it best!


Yeah Pablo wore it best but I think Ken is a better character. Ironically both based on Brian de Palma characters, Tony Montana and David Kleinfeld respectively. (The films are Scarface (1983) and Carlito’s Way)


That was indeed what I meant. We only have six locations, it’s just a shame to be doubling back when there’s still so much more to discover.


“You are no trafficker of mine…”


Define location though.

47 has seen action in Paris (Curtains Down, Hunter and Hunted, Showstopper) three times, and that’s just one city.
He’s been in Romania on several occasions (Training, Meet your Brother, Asylum Aftermath, The Meatking’s Party).
Don’t get me started on the USA (Blood Money and especially Absolution practically only took place there).
Russia perhaps? (Bjarkhov Bomb, all the Saint-Petersburg missions)
Or Italy!? (Sapienza, Gontranno, Anathema)
Japan!! (Hokkaido, killing the Hayamoto’s)

All I’m trying to show is that all these places had a lot of variety to offer, despite strictly speaking being in the same country or city. I’m absolutely certain the same will hold true for Colombia.


Hunter and Hunted, and Curtains Down were essentially the same mission but I get what you mean, and the inclusion of Showstopper did make me go “But we’ve already been there.”

Romania is unavoidable because it’s where 47 was created, although I think The Meat King’s Party could have been done anywhere and still been as memorable as it is.

I’m with you on the overuse of the United States. I would’ve liked New York City, then no more America for the rest of the series. I’m tired of it.

Russia was also a bit overdone in Hitman 2 but that was back when we spent three missions going after one target like the Cult Master or Hayamoto so it was kind of excusable. The same can be said for Ochoa, the Dutch biker gang, and the Khan in Afghanistan.

Sapienza is technically the only one in Italy but the villas and coastal scene are so similar to Sicily that it does feel like they’re copied themselves.

I agree that there’s a lot of variety to be found in returning to locations, but I feel like when 47 returns to a different rendition of an old location, we miss out on new places. And with parties, villas, hospitals, hotels and embassies, it’s starting to feel a bit samey.


To me the location is more important than the country. I don’t there’s a race in Miami, Monaco or Dubai. I care that there’s race. So I don’t mind Blood Money taking place mostly in the US because every mission still had a different feeling.

Which is why I don’t want another Hotel mission in this franchise for a very long time. It has been done to death, even though I liked Club 27.


That’s valid. I think the use of other countries is to make each level feel distinct, but if the location itself can do that, then there’s no real need to change countries.

P.S. I wouldn’t mind one more hotel in Season 2, but you’re right that they’re becoming repetitive.


I’d love a level on a cruise ship. Only ever had one in the franchise (Death on the Mississippi) well, it was a steamboat, but still lol

A level on a moving ship would be nice again. Still waiting on the famous airport level. One where you have to assassinate him/her before they aboard the plane. Or hell, even follow him onto the plane and kill him in the air (although that would be extremely limited in terms of opportunities)


I actually can’t wait for Columbia. Might just be looking forward to it a little more than Miami :wink:


Scarface The World Is Yours was amazing.


Oh that bonkers ambulance chaser. He can defend an innocent man, all the way to death row.


Drugs mate?It’s a mug’s game!

I love that voice actor


Good ol’ Kent Paul by Danny Dyer


Each to their own :slight_smile: Nice thumbnail btw!


Haha same to you as well.