Colombia Gameplay and Briefing


So is Rico Delgado another son of Don Fernando? It has been revealed what their relationship is?


we don’t know at the moment, but it’s definitely the same family


It’s literally just the aesthetic, visual style that throws you off? Fair enough. Different strokes for different folks :grin:


I’ll try and find the video, but a maid is saying how Rico’s uncle Fernando died in a freak accident with his son at their Chilean estate.
So it’s a uncle - nephew relationship


So has everyone already seen this? Full playthrough of columbia is on youtube


late :stuck_out_tongue:


Loving that Freedom Fighters arcade game


His cello accidentally strangled him while he was playing it.

The trailer confirmed that garrotting was canon, so I wonder what the accident is. Perhaps it’s his son being crushed by wine caskets.


If you can tell me the location of this conversation this’ll be the first thing I’m looking for when playing Colombia at release :grinning:


Nice, thank you! It’s good to see they’re really acknowledging the lore.


The instantaneous choke-out still irks me. Is it really this difficult IO?


It isn’t instantaneous


Can’t find the video but it is in a basement mansion room with some cleaners


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Wish you could blend-play it though.