Colorado gold trophy doesn't pop after patch (1.17?) ps4, PLEASE DEV's TAKE A LOOK


Hey there, does anyone knows why does the Colorado Mastery Level 20/20
a.k.a. Mission Complete (Gold) trophy, doesn’t pop up? Is it a glitch?
Server bug? I think I’m not the only one with that “issue”… Can
someone answer me this question, or give a tip on a fix?

Mastery level 20 trophy for Sapienza won't unlock

Complete the mission to the end screen briefing


I have already done that 4 times… At the end, the trophy never pops up… Strange :confused:


Have you tried completing another challenge?


Yes, just done the “Was that really necessary” challenge… The damned trophy doesn’t pop up :frowning:

The status is like I said but,

No trophy assigned…


Same thing happened to me but on the Hokkaido mission. Gold trophy for mastery level 20 in not unlocking no matter what you do. Replying, reloading, playing other maps, completing other challenges… still locked.


It seems that the experience isn’t being stored on their online server saves… And they messed up when they patched some bugs, creating new ones :smiley: nice one IOI :+1:


My gold for Colorado didn’t pop way back when the level first came out, so it’s not necessarily a patch problem. Still hasn’t been fixed.


Did you do the mallory escalation level to get exp?


Didn’t need XP, there’s plenty just from the mission. But yes, I’ve done every Escalation. I hit 20 mastery in Colorado the same day it came out or the next day, and still no trophy since then.

I can’t complete Tuppence a Wish in Bangkok either. I’ve done it like 50 times but it doesn’t stay complete.after I finish the mission. Kind of annoying, but I submitted both problems to the Bug Report thread when they first happened and neither has been fixed, so I’m not sure if or when a fix will come.


The Tuppence a Wish is doable, a little hard, but it’s not bugged at all, and when you achieve it, it appears at the moment you’ve done it.
Regarding the mastery level trophy (both colorado and hokkaido) I really don’t know what to do, or if IOI’s going to fix it…


A month later another update rolled out. MASTERY LEVEL TROPHY is still bugged. WTF? Developers if you reading this please get this shit fixed!


Yeah… I was hoping that this new patch would fix the mastery level trophy bug… But it seems not… What a shame, they preferred to change the voices on bangkok and put some music on the radio on sapienza… Well, it seems that some trophies were fixed, but the gold ones, colorado and hokkaido didn’t received the attention desired. Let’s see if the December patch, they manage somehow to fix those bugs… It’s a wait to see situation :confused:


I unlocked all trophies without any problems, Although I noticed some of them took a few seconds to unlock when I did them so they may be a bit buggy.


You can also send a message to Morten_IOI about mastery level trophy bug. They not alway read and answer their messages but it worth a try. Info about disc release and possibly trophy bug fix should be in end of January. As Morten_IOI states. You can find Morten_IOI in this forums.


Yeah I’m having the issue, Colorado gold trophy won’t pop for me either and I’ve done basically every challenge. Hoping the December patch fixes this mess.


Morten confirned that this is on their list to fix, I’m sure it will come at some point in the future. Link below to Morten’s post:


True. We are looking into how we can re-evaluate the various achievement/trophy conditions and then unlock the ones that affected players didn’t get.


Hey Morten,
And tell me, is this going to be implemented on the december patch? That thought of re-evaluation of the conditions to obtain the level mastery trophy for example, on the last two episodes?


December patch just rolled out. There is nothing again in patch notes about mastery trophy bug! WTF? Since October, still not fixed. Patiently waited for November patch, then December… Not touching the game until they fix this shit. Couldn’t care less for elusive targets, dumb escalations or holiday mission. Played every Hitman game before. Loosing my faith in you IOI.