Colorado on PRO mode - just one exit? That sucks


I can understand there being just one exit in normal mode on the Co. map.
But in PRO mode, you still only have the one exit?

Bad enough you have only one save, and 4 targets.

Not to mention you start off outside the complex with no disguise.

Also since I did not take a lockpick or a bc, I guess I will have to start it over,
since I am not getting inside the house unless I can get something better than a security disguise.


Ezra Berg and his Bodyguard have both Keys to the Basement.


Oh no pro mode is harder? whatever shall we do.


I will get through it. But it will take a lot of attempts.
I already nailed two of the challenges so at least I unlocked another place to get an item.
I also see there are a lot of peaches around which would make for good distraction items.
So maybe I don’t need the coin.

I thought that Sean Rose is supposed to cycle through the areas. I played it and he left the explosive area, went to the house and stayed there. And stayed there and stayed there.
He was going downstairs then upstairs but never came back to the explosive area.

How am I supposed to get the “bouncing betty” challenge if he does not come back?

I waited like 40 minutes too.

Maybe it was a glitch.