Colorado, the darker episode we asked for?


People have been complaining about the lack of darker episodes with gore, like in the old games (meat kings party is an excellent example). In Paris, Sapienza and Bangkok we were visiting wealthy, highclass targets in luxury invironments. Colorado changed this. Killing a target by throwing them in a mudpool, getting one rammed by a car?.
The change of environments between upper and lower layers of society was what got me into the old Hitman games in the first place and i absolutely love that it is back.
Another thing that showed me that IOI remember their old ways was the feeling when I had killed four targets, fought my way to the basemen just to find that i needed to get the face of one of the targets to get out. That last part reminded me of Anathema and basement killing.

I don’t know about you guys but while Colorado is not necesarily my favorite level, it is the level that really convinced me that HITMAN is not just a way to make money off of a franchise that used to be groundbreaking.


Yes they “tried it”, but there is missing a lot of atmosphere. Jesper Kyd music.More blood/gore. Targets still cannot fight back. Everybody in Colorado is calling me sir, and treating very politely. They tried it but still… This game was built for more 007 vibe than real Hitman.


In addition to anthema and basement killing, the other similar level was at the gates, where you have to locate 3rd power unit not available on map. Silent assasin was all about discovery. I feel opportunity mode in new hitman ruined discovery experience in some or other way. I play new levels with opportunities off. And only after I feel that i cant find new opportunities by myself then only i turn on opportunities mode. Its too difficult to do some of the opportunities withought enabling notifications. Can’t blame developers either to make opportunities as a integral feature. At least they provided option to turn them off. And they did best job overall.


I don’t think the things you mentioned will be fixed for season 1. This level was definitely a return to form though, if nothing else then just in terms of tone. It all felt much darker, in a good way.


I love this episode my favorite so far hoping Japan will be even better from what I’ve read on here regarding location etc it should be awesome.


The game is much better with Opportunities off, or set to minimum. There was only one opportunity in Colorado that I couldn’t figure out on my own.


I really want some howling wolves sound in snowy japan mountains. Those goosebumps still aren’t forgotten when I played hidden valley and at the gates for he first time. Hope there is more outdoor open jungle area to explore. Somehow I can relate first teaser trailer, where 47 is running in snowy mountains, with japan level. Let’s see what’s in the feast.


This level reminded not of the old games but of Absolution. Albeit in a positive way. A remote area, full of armed guards that are hostile towards 47. Yet you still have multiple paths to reach your goals and you aren’t forced to sneak around all the time. This is what Absolution could be if it was a good Hitman game.


level is great, problem is the quase-linear aproach.


Do you think it feels linear? I feel like there are a lot of ways to go about it… most of them not even opportunity related


Doesn’t feel linear to me lots of approaches, it’s not a huge map but they used the space we have well I think.


the linear part is: you have one exit, and you can only check stuff after kill all the 4. got it? :wink:


Yeah that’s true the exit is linear you can remake it in contracts just means you wont be able to save.


Well Hitman always had this. Blood Money only had one exit in all of the levels. I like that you have multiple ways to play a level to add replayability but you can’t always ask for mulitple exits, multiple entrances, multiple ways to kill people etc. If the checklist becomes too long, the artistic freedom to make nice levels kinda disappears as well


I think they should have made the tornado escape optional after your first play through but oh well its done now.


I wouldn’t consider Colorado dark at all. Not even close. It just feels like the middle section of Absolution, to me.

You Better Watch Out and Till Death Do Us Part have two exits.


It depends how you define “dark”. The only Hitman game I would describe as dark is Contracts really. The others are all mixing it up.

For me, this was a lot more serious in tone than the other episodes and I welcome that. And of course the revisiting of lore from past games certainly helped.


I would not call this dark either to be honest its just set in a more hostile and intense environment regardless its awesome.


Lets agree in the fact that the title is too long. Best leave it at something like “Colorado as a Dark Episode. Comparisson to Previous Games”. Shortened from 102 to 57 characters.


Oh, my appologies. This is the first post I’ve ever made… My bad!