Colorado, the darker episode we asked for?


I like your title and the subject. :slight_smile:


I’m afraid not…
Lol BM had multiple exit points in some of the levels…


Level is best so far in my option :slight_smile:


Can you tell some?
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Till death do us part… (Your boat, or the priests)

You better watch out…(helicopter or yacht)


Oh Thanks:D
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That is exactly my point though. It is nice to have multiple exits, entrances, targets etc., but if every level needs everything it sincerely diminishes the artistic freedom of the creators. I’m just saying that I don’t think every level absolutely needs multiple exits to be good´,


I understand that and I agree. I was just saying there were SOME missions in BM that had multiple exit locations.

But I see what you’re saying. But other levels in this Hitman also had different exit locations for some, so even if the USA map just has one, it’s not really that big of deal IMO

I agree with you though. Not all levels should have a lot of targets, or multiple exit locations…


Turn off the music and cue up Contracts or Blood Money’s soundtrack. It feels very much like the old games if you ignore the music and the aides.


Colorado gave me an old hitman games vibe because of how it is fully hostile (reminds me of some H2 and Contracts).
And it is also the darkest game in the level.
Edit: The darkest level in the game. Kappa


No way, Colorado music is badass and fits 47’s gear. Kyd is great but situs inversus is perfect for Colorado.


I find I literally play the game better with Blood Money or Hitman 2 soundtrack going…it actually irritates me, like I literally zone in more to the game.


1+ if you add contracts ost to the pool.


Talk about dark? How about when you get the Wickerman achievement??
Where if you just get a few feet of someone they burst into flames?
Can’t get much darker than that.