Colorado - Wasted Opportunities (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)


Hey folks, although I love the new 5th episode, I felt there was a lot of opportunities that have gone to waste. The 3D printer, the face masks, lack of the four targets interacting with each other. I mean, its a farm, where’s the chance to cause a combine harvester to run over and mash a target? Where’s the ability to impale a guy with a pitchfork? Where’s the chance to disguise yourself as the hostage in the basement, or get all four targets in one place and kill them all in one smooth action?

6 opportunities for 4 targets = weak. I was expecting a lot more variety from this mission.



I agree. Minimum 8 opportunities total is what I expected, two for each target.


Absolutely. I was genuinely expecting a lot more due to the high number of targets -_-


I guess they wanted us to be more creative. It gets a bit tedious to get to mastery 20 through multiple challenges and of course the scanner at the end. Sapienza’s opportunites should have set a foundation. It had variety and it was great.


I guess this kinda ties into the opportunities system but I just wanted to share this

It woulda been cool if at a certain point (maybe 45 mins to an hour into the map, unless it’s triggered somehow) a SWAT team showed up and started taking everybody down. Woulda made for some really cool Deadly Cargo-esque moments where you could disguise yourself as one of the SWAT and take out your targets that way. I think that would have really helped with the “you’re in hostile territory - if you screw up everybody’s gonna snap” feeling they were going for, which, I personally, found very lacking in the level. I never felt I was in danger but I think the SWAT team idea would’ve helped that.

Also I’m not too bothered by the lack of opportunities really. I’m happy there was more room to compose our own “classic” style kills where you just take em out how you usually would with a weapon or an accident like in blood money or contracts, which wasn’t really a thing you could do in Thailand and to an extent Marrakesh. There was more freedom in this level and I like that a lot.


Yeah but through their lack of opportunities, the only way we can be creative is by killing the 4 targets in a standard manner (garrotting etc). Would have liked a few cinematic deaths. Example being when Rose uses the nitroglycerin, he just explodes up into the air - the bomb-proof wall that you can stand behind with the camera could have had blood splatter all over it or body parts etc.

As for Sapienza, I agree, it has the most variety and should have been use as the stepping stone for future missions.


Yeah these would have been awesome and would have been nice if the mowed down opportunity actually was what it said on the tin and the mower mowed him down.

Again that would have been cool as long as you had to do some prep so it was not too easy to do.

That would be hard to do as hes black and 47 not so much but they could have added a hood like in Marrakesh. I was super disappointed they did not allow access to the hostages room for some unknown reason. Clearly they thought making the only ways to kill him unrealistic and magic was the way to go haha.


I remember reading about the SWAT idea from another post. Thought the mission was going to be a hostage situation.

As I recently replied: Yeah but through their lack of opportunities, the only way we can be creative is by killing the 4 targets in a standard manner (garrotting etc). Would have liked a few cinematic deaths. Classic kills yes, but you can do them any time you want.


The hostage disguise could have worked - 3D printer for the Herald’s face, then sit in the chair as him :wink:


Pfft :wink:

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Yeah but you would need all the specs to get the 3D printer to make his face and it wouldn’t make sense for them to be there or 47 to have them. I guess they didn’t want to have the same opportunity in two missions its a shame but as I said the main annoyance for me is the fact you can’t get in.


I could imagine it going like -

  1. 3D print the hostage’s face
  2. Press overdose button
  3. Berg enters the room/pacify him/put him in the chair
  4. Press overdose button to kill him

And boom! You’ve got yourself one awesome assassination.


Easily resolved - all they had to do was tie in that someone was planning to disguise themselves as the Herald after they killed him - specs already sorted by the hackers. It would have been so easy to work that in.


Yeah that is very true and yes it would be very cool to do what you suggested killing him with his own overdose machine, if only Io added more cool stuff like this in :cry:.


Like you said, for all we know it could have been cut due to the similarities for one of Zaydan’s deaths. But…I’ve dropped more chandeliers on people than I have disguised myself as a hostage tied to a chair. Damnit IO -_-


I don’t know why IO aren’t making more use of this live content system more and adding more opportunities into the game based on community suggestions, the idea to kill Ezra by overdosing him is really cool and if you told me that was a thing you could actually do I’d believe you


You are definitely right I do love this map and think it is still the best yet IMO but they did miss a lot of opportunities not sure why they added so few.

@EricTheAussie You never know maybe they will one day! that would be awesome if they did.


Not sure either. I had high hopes for this one. At the same time, I genuinely still love this mission :stuck_out_tongue: Ugh! Hypocritical thinking!


We could print a different masks to disguise as them.


@Morten_IOI @Travis_IOI What are the chances of you using the live element to go back and add more opportunities based on player feedback in the future? is it a possibility or is it something that will probably never happen?