Colorado - Wasted Opportunities (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)


That cannot have happened in multiple playthroughs JJ, it must’ve been like what, 5 tries? I’m on mastery 16 so far. All opportunities done and SA SO and Sniper Assassin. Time to complete Master Asssassin and garrotte the 4 of them. Also, do you know where to complete Hold my Hair? I assume I use the emetic but I haven’t found a toilet yet in the map. (makes me wonder where do they “take care of business”)


Yep, trigger Rose’s OCD and lace his cigarettes with the hallucinogenic agent and you’ll get your Hold my Hair


I got to I think level 10 all in my first run, I admit I did accidentally complete some challenges whilst fucking up so I went back to a previous save and did a different challenge :grimacing:

Also I think you have to drown Rose in the sink near the explosives area, it’s got its own challenge too


Does he drown himself or what? Well, time to do that,


That was on my first ever playthrough. And do the Unclean opportunity :slight_smile:


He runs into the shed, then you can drown him in the water basin he tries to wash himself in


As this thread doesn’t have spoilers in the title remember to use tags or you could add spoilers into the title @DonsterMunch up to you.


Ah right, my bad dude. I’ll do that from now on :slight_smile:



Welcome to my playthrough :wink:


wouldn’t surprise me if they planned for more things on this level, but didnt have the time

sry wasnt meant ti reply to you; im typing ob my phone


Completely agree. And there are lame challenges that only involve a slight change to another existing challenge (kill Parvati and Sean Rose with ram and just kill Parvati with ram being 2 distinct challenges…)
IOI is freaking lazy. This is plain evident from the ever decreasing number of challenges itself.


Me every time I see that word


they probably rushed it.
they shouldve just released the whole game as disc in 2017. wouldve been sooo good


This is really something that has been bothering me for a while. No level-specific weapons. I saw the saber and battleaxe in paris and thought ‘cool, there will be level-specific badass weapons with unique kill animations.’


Sapienza: axe and sword, identical animations
Marrakesh: axe and sword, identical animations

Pitchfork would be awesome. Instead there’s a reskinned shotgun, a cattleprod and prosthetic arm, with the same knockout animations as every other melee, and I assume somewhere in the level is a battle axe… (haven’t found it yet and honestly wouldn’t even use it if I did as it’s boring by now)


Cattle prod where?


Sorry - meant a branding iron.


Its an old axe. By the swamp shed in a tree


I got to mastery level 10 after my first playthrough, but only did 2 opportunities. Challenges are where its at. I feel like there’s a lot of ways to get creative outside of the opportunities in this map.



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