Colorado water tower bug?


hey guys.
so tbh i don’t know if its a bug or not but- when i take a sniper rifle and start to take down my targets on the water tower, after 2 targets down an alarm goes on and guards starts to gather near the tower, and they never leave . somehow i was able to get the sniper assassin challenge by hiding in a crate every time i killed a target (the guards moved when i was hiding for some reason). now, i ask you if its a bug cuz i see people in youtube doing it without a problem, very smooth. guards never gather near the water tower in there game.
so, i would like to hear what you have to say.


Are you using a silent sniper rifle? If not, the guards will know exactly where you have shot from. Also try crouching, you are still visible to some of the AI when you are in the tower and as people turn once reactions to explosions etc start you will become even more visible, especially if your weapon is not holstered.


sure, i always take my silenced sniper. and when i crouch they stand on the roof below the tower and saying “we know you hiding there” and dont move from there. and im on “searching” mode.


also, as i say, they start to gather near the tower after 2 targets are down (you can hear alarm)


I’ve done the same thing earlier using Jaeger 7 and haven’t been spotted. The first couple of minutes.


nope… it didnt worked :((((


That’s the old problem. The only way to get Sniper Assassin challenge is to shoot 1-2 targets in a quick succesion and then slide down the ladder and hide for a bit. Then climb up again, shoot another targets and hide again. Repeat until everyone is dead and you’re not spotted.


okay, that what i did in the first place. so probably its not even a glitch.


If you’re quick enough, you can get all 4. You can actually shot Ezra and Penelope through the trees. I recommend waiting for Maya to start walking out of the barn. Shoot Sean first (he’ll be placing the explosive on the safe). His head will be obscured, just shoot him twice and he will die. Then Shoot Maya in the head. And then use your instinct mode to shoot Ezra and Penelope. The only reason I suggest this order is because Sean and Maya are the furthest from you, so their guards will take longer to get to you.


Unfortunately the AI seems to be programmed in such a way that they always converge on you even when the sniper has a silencer. Also taking cover and/or hiding seems to flip a Switch inside the AIs programming such that soon as you take cover (if they are “suspicious” they’ll almost instantly give up) or hide inside something (if they are “suspicious” or a higher alert level) they will reset to some degree.


Hey, similar script existed for Kirov Park Meeting.
It’s called Actionmodefar. Don’t remember a single complaint back in the day. Kids is so soft now.


Was the behaviour changed through an update? I didn’t encounter NPCs converging to my position when using a silenced sniper like you guys are mentioning, and was able to take out all 4 targets. Do check the first two minutes of my video above.


Can you try doing it again? I do notice your video is a year old.


It was. Half a year ago or so you could use silenced Rifle without guards immediately knowing where to look for you.

If you were there for a while, you’d have known that this change about the guards immediately zoning on the place from where the silenced shot was taken was implemented in one of the patches.

As for the Kirov Park meeting, there was an unsilenced Dragunov rifle which absolutely explains guards zoning in on the exact spot.


Yes, I know. I read all patch notes. Majority of player base wants to see the returning of features from previous games, and when IO release them, then the smallest group of ~25 users starts complaining about them. That was especially outrageous on sniper, viewcones and headturning changes.

The script doesn’t differentiate between sniper rifles. You can use W2000 silenced and still be heard and attacked.


So, guards can detect where a shot came from, even if it’s a silenced weapon.

When a guard is alerted, they need to travel to the exact location that you fired the shot from to trigger the next phase of their alert/searching status, allowing the cool down to begin.

But, NPC’s can’t climb ladders, so if you shoot from the water tower, they won’t be able to search that location, so as long as you’re hidden up there, they will sit and wait for forever.

However, you can slide down and hide in the crate, which seems to instantly put them into cool down mode, so they won’t try to search the water tower - they’ll just wander around the roof and then leave. You might have to wait for every guard who witnessed the kill to come over and do their thing, but it works.

You should be able to kill Rose from the roof instead of the water tower. When he’s putting the explosive on the safe, from the roof next to the crate, you can see his head poke up just over a barrier and you can get a clean headshot on him.

Additionally Rose will go into his office by his desk and you can headshot him through the window while you’re on the roof.

Actually, you can kill all 4 from the rooftop, giving you easy access to the crate to hide in. Pop a shot, save the game, try to bag another one or two even, and hide until they stop searching. You don’t even need to use the water tower at all.


okay guys, thank you all.


Tried this today, and found that this approach is not viable anymore.


Some believe it is a bug but I think it’s done on purpose. It’s to prevent camping in 1 spot. They want you to snipe and move. I guess to add some tension of getting caught.