Community Featured Contracts - Sep 23rd (Gluttony)

Congratulations to @Viv, @TheChicken and @Atomicgarbage whose contracts have been chosen for the Gluttony Featured Contracts batch for September!

Use this thread to discuss the new contracts, post your runs and send your love and congratulations on to our 3 winners!

Let Them Eat Cake by Viv

Cake! A delectable treat! The wealthy order a three-layer red velvet cake, while the poor gets a humble chocolate pie. The rich laugh, and the poor stare in disgust. However, cavemen didn’t have knives like today, so they used their hands! However, no matter where you are on the food chain, cake is still cake! Spread the frosting, and show that no matter what or who you are, everyone gets a slice!

I Am a Vegan by Atomicgarbage

Valentina Yates is in a bad mood. She’s stuck at her ancestral vineyard doing nothing of interest. Her husband Don, who sometimes shares court cases to entertain her, is finally retiring and won’t be able to amuse her anymore. Worst of all, for his retirement party he got an asado grill buffet for dinner, which he knows she can’t eat as a vegan! When her fiancé won’t even accommodate her diet she knows it’s a stab in the back. She demands we eliminate all her aggressors swift and precisely.

Healthy Eating by TheChicken


Today’s the big day. Sheikh Al-Ghazali’s big opening ceremony. It’s too bad they didn’t ask me to cater the menu or mingle with the new arrivals. I’m just stuck here in this penthouse, serving the guards like always.

I mean, really!! The only thing those people are going to do down there is stuff their faces full of preservatives and alcohol! They really need better food options. A bit of healthy eating never killed anybody…


Congrats to @Viv , @TheChicken and @Atomicgarbage ! Looking forward to playing those!


I’d like to think that my glowing endorsement of Let Them Eat Cake was paramount to it being picked by Clemens and the team! :stuck_out_tongue:

Top tier contract IMO. Here is my run-though of it:

Looking forward to playing the other two tonight!


Congratulations to those selected. Now that I am caught up with the content from the summer, I am looking forward to playing these.


I’ve just finished playing Health Eating and it’s quite good. It’s similar to the contract I submitted, albeit a little easier. The enforcers in the atrium make it a bit more challenging than I thought.

I can save a few seconds here and there but I went for a straightforward method this time.


Woooo, I’ve been featured?! Whoa, thank you, IOI!


Thank you Crewdyyy

And thank you everyone! I’m so happy my contract got featured, I’m freaking out in class rn


I really enjoyed this one - I can see why it got picked. It’s challenging and the targets are spread out, yet it can be completed surprisingly quickly.

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Played this first and really enjoyed speedrunning it. Also liked it because I could make use of item which I almost never use.

HITMAN 3 Featured Contract - I Am a Vegan! (1:30)


I’ve found a funny way to break I Am Vegan. If you start as an Asado Chef Mario Llosa decides to ‘take the day off’. He isn’t anywhere on the map.



00:00 “Let Them Eat Cake” By @Viv (Dubai)
11:49 “I Am A Vegan!” By @Atomicgarbage (Mendoza)
17:07 “Healthy Eating” By @TheChicken (Dubai, Apple)

Congrats guys!


Yeah, that’s all contracts with him as target. Can’t complete the contract if you start there. An extremely unique situation.


Noticed that, too. And of course I started as an Asado Chef because I thought that way I’m already close to two targets.


I noticed this as well when I started a contract last week! And as an added bonus, if you start as chef on Master difficulty, Pablo is an enforcer and there is no way past him without being spotted.


Safe to say I’m not disappointed lol. It is indeed just 1 and only has one target.

Now can someone quickly tell me how to do this so I can get it over with? How many body shots and which gun? I’m absolutely clueless about this lol.

Ah nevermind, I just noticed the videos posted above.


Congratulations to the selected creators! Will try this new batch of FC when I can :grinning:


You need to use the HWK 21 Pale with the Homemade silencer. Do 5 shots to the arm and 1 shot to the chest / back.

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That’s interesting. I never knew that.

There you go. Original chart by @WINNODD :

It was for H2, but still works for H3 (tried it myself on this FC)

Edit: Just saw that you figured it out. Maybe useful for someone else


Thanks for reminding me. My chart is outdated. :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is a more accurate damage chart by @muddye . With damage details including all ranges and all pistols (even daks).

The kill combinations from my old chart still works though.