Community Mission

So, here’s how it works, you will be presented with a series of choices. These choices will impact how you complete your mission,

Every day or so I will update this thread with a new choice which the community must decide upon which is dependant on the previous choices made

Simple enough, Let’s test this idea with Paris

You start at the front gates of the fashion show, in your pockets you feel the familiar outline of your coins and lockpick , as you walk, you can feel the heavy ICA 19 MK2 against your chest.

You arrogantly pass through the reporters shooting session, much to their dismay to arrive at your first choice, do you enter through the front door, through the loading area to the left, or to the parking area to the right?

  • Loading Area (Left)
  • Front Doors
  • Parking Area (Right)

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As you continue down the long and elegant red carpet, you arrive at the palace’s momentous doors, with an armed guard either side.

You watch Mr Novikov gracefully step down the stairs, trying to tune out Diana’s constant ramblings. After a short conversation with Congressman Walsh, you overhear his bodyguard informing him of a situation with the shows designer.

You tail him momentarily, you notice a door that leads to the basement. far behind you you can overhear an argument between 2 women, potentially leading to an invitation to the auction upstairs. You also notice some stylists comparing your likeness to that of Helmut Kruger. This is where you are met with your second choice:

  • Enter the basement
  • Collect the IAGO invitation
  • Investigate Helmut Kruger
  • Continue following Novikov
  • Pull out guns and start mass murdering

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Where’s the option to pull out my guns and start mass murdering? :grin:


Added, lord forgive me


There was a tie, here goes

You swiftly turn around, tailing the reporter when you notice an IAGO invitation on the counter.

Undecidedly, you slowly descend into the basement, ensuring to avoid any civilians and cameras.

As you continue through the basement you discover several opportunities, you overhear a conversation through the door about Viktor Novikovs favourite drink; could be worth investigating.

You also find a staircase leading upstairs to the backstage area, could be a quick way to access other parts of the building such as the gardens, makeup rooms, kitchen and the auction.

With the thought of a mass murder in the back of your mind now firmly suppressed, you arrive at your third decision:

  • Investigate Novikovs Drink
  • Go to the Gardens
  • Go to the Makeup room
  • Go to the kitchen
  • Go to the auction
  • Mass Murder

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The hell it is. Mass murder should always be an option. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Added, you win


Yet, if you choose mass murder at an earlier step, it shouldn’t be picked again in a later step because it would’ve been completed, and all subsequent choices should be forfeited. Or if you do choose it later, it shouldn’t’ve been picked before. :nerd_face: