Community poll: What is the best pistol in the game?

  • ICA silverballer (ye olde faithful)
  • Krugermier 2-2 (the librarians weapon of choice)
  • ICA19 (the most common weapon to be commonly found amongst this games commoners)
  • HackSL9 covert (spamming anyone?)
  • Custom 5mm (I need to get past these perverts)

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Yes! This drives me absolutely bugshit. I see all these playthrough videos of people who have unlocked everything and still just use the ICA19, and it’s infuriating. I’m like: “Load the fucking Silverballer! It’s 47’s signature weapon, and it works the same as the ICA19 so it’s not losing any advantage or anything! Load it once, save that loadout for that map, and keep that pistol there!”


I missclick. Anyway, I see for pistols 3 main options:

  1. Krugermeier - the quietest, best suited for distraction shot with the least risk to be heard when you don’t need it. Most frequent choice for me. I probably should have voted for it.
  2. Silverballer - when accurate shots are required. Krugermeier with all its advantages, it has a large spread.
  3. Full auto pistol/smg as a relatively quiet way to knock out doors. Maybe El Matador/Striker can be used for similar purposes when more firepower is needed.

Yeah Krugermier is my weapon of choice since I usually bring a lockpick anyway, and it’s the classiest weapon to take because of its almost nonexistent sound. Plus it has a few more shots than the baller, so if I’m in a need to spam I’m usually close enough to save it.

When I was a kid I had this chinese toy of a muscular man and a couple of batmans. I always wanted a spiderman action figure but my family was poor so I used to pretend using my imagination that one of the batman was spiderman.
Today I live slightly better but I still use the same technique to imagine I got the original Silverballer or the Blackballer by using the ICA Blacklilly



Can’t blame you since the Lilly is basically a reskinned original silverballer

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I only use it because it has the Hitman logo on it :pleading_face:

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But what if they like Ica19 more than Silverballer?

you missed a few pistols: the striker, auto ICA19, and kalmer.

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A) Irrelevant; that’s not 47’s pistol.

B) I get the sense that they just don’t care and keep the default since, functionally speaking, most of the silenced pistols are identical, unless they need a specific pistol on a specific playthrough.

Yes I did exclude them, I wanted this poll to be geared more towards the guns used the most in general rather than the whole arsenal. I might make another poll on which gun is everyone’s favorite in the future and include them. My favorite is actually The striker/elmatador, but it’s too loud to be subtle in a mission with it, which is why I excluded it, and some of the other guns, from this poll.

I think it’s used to prove even nubs can complete certain methods of approach made by the video creators. I’ve seen Mrfreeze’s guides and he usually uses the default loadout when he can just to prove that point.

Just as I figured.


luckily we’re not 47 so it doesn’t fucking matter which one we use


Krugermeier FTW. Bar none. Best gun in the game.

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It is indeed the best general use weapon in the game IMO

More luckily, we’re not the ones actually in the game; 47 is, so it does fucking matter.

pssssst. mate. 47 isn’t real :shushing_face:

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Irrelevant. We are playing as him, and his Silverballers are his weapons. Laziness to switch the pistol one time in the menu and save it is the only reason why. They figure, eh, it works the same and it’s already there, so why bother. That’s all. If it’s worth doing, it’s with doing right.

Kruegermeir is the most useful pistol, so that. Though by default I take ICA19, almost identically functional to the silverballer and I like black guns.