Community Trials

Welcome to Community Trials

These will be a series of contracts with escalation style complications and objectives. The idea is hopefully to have these going every week and created by different members of the community.

Starting off this week with The Amos Initiation

Play it using these contracts
PC: 1-21-4952947-52 (thanks @KevinRudd)
PS4: 2-21-8945884-07
XB: 3-21-9807744-80 (thanks @CamTheChest)

Entries must submit a video of their run before 9am (GMT) Feb 9th

Why call it Trials?

Well, originally I was just going to call it Community Escalations because of the obvious similarities. But it just seemed off and it doesn’t have levels so it never really escalates. All it is is an interesting challenge that tests the player, hence Trials

Why only $5?

Obviously $5 isn’t a lot. But with the rise of player-generated content this year, I wanted to give people an incentive, no matter how small, to play. Also, I want this to an ongoing thing so I started with an amount I’m comfortable with and is sustainable every week (don’t want to be losing $30 every week on this). Hopefully, if this grows we can increase the prize size

Why do you have to submit a video?

Unfortunately, there are no systems in the game to enforce these objectives so the only way to verify they been completed is with a video. Plus I’d love to see how everyone completes it

How can you get involved?

If you’d like to make a Trial for a future week or sponsor any of them just drop me a PM. Don’t worry about having to take any pictures in-game or put the objectives together, I can sort all that if you need. All you need is a good idea!


Nice, looks interesting. I’m assuming stairs also counts for the 3-4 steps of stairs where you’re being greeted at the pier?

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Yeah, I’m counting stairs as any continuous set of steps irrespective of number of steps

I.e. so from the pier to into the castle there are 3 sets of stairs

Edit: I’m just adding some clarifying stuff here (so there’s no confusion)

  • You can use more than one set of stairs for the whole level. You just can’t use the same set more than once

  • An unsilenced pistol is any pistol without the Supressor perk (that includes the Custom 5mm which doesn’t have a visible silencer but is still technically a silenced pistol)

These are just a few questions that have come up. I try to make the objectives as clear as possible without making them too long. If you ever have any questions about any of them, feel free to PM me

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Where do I have to upload the video? And do I have to use a specific hashtag or something?
Fun challenges by the way.

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I’d recommend uploading to YouTube but anywhere you do it just post the video here. Hope you’d enjoy it

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A bit late but here is my submission

I forgot to put the loadout screen. Loadout is Striker, Emetic Grenade, Lockpick & The Big One

I basically had 2 strats in mind, both strats was to start at the same starting location and use same exit. I found this strat to be more consistent than the other one, even though I had too many restart with that first kill due to his body being found by the guard where you can tamper with the Effigy.

A very fun contract nonetheless.


This is a great idea, dm me for the next one.


Managed to shorten the time from 4:59 to 4:14. I’ve updated with the new time.

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Oooh, just cutting it into the deadline :wink: well it seems you were the only one anyway, so YOU WIN! I’ll PM you about the prize

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I hope more people join next time. It was a really fun challenge.
I know @Joats would’ve been a very tough competitor :smile:

I have some ideas for the next one which I’ll dm you about.

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Okay, second trial. I’ve decided to up the prize money a little (might be a bit more appealing now)

Now because the targets for this contract aren’t fixed (you can pick any 3 recording crew) I’ve decided not to create any contracts for this one. I advise you to decide on your targets first and then make a contract to play through on.

Again, quickest SA, video submissions end on Februaury 19th 9am GMT. Good luck!


What’s up man? I don’t do videos or anything and I really wouldn’t have the time to do them right now anyway even if I did but, I just wanted to say to you that this is such an awesome idea bro! I love the amount of time and effort you put into making everything. Looks IOI official!

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread and I hope you do more of these in the future. Such an awesome idea man. Way to go!!

Just a suggestion regarding the prizes. As time goes on, maybe instead of money all the time you could add something else? For example some kind of Hitman memorabilia if you have any? Nothing big obviously, but maybe even a custom rubber duck that would say “HMF Community Trial Winner” like you could just get a traditional rubber duck (they are like $6 bucks) and write it on with a Black Sharpie or even have a red :two: sticker on it or something? Lol would be a cool little memento for the winner to have. Or if it would be a “timed” where the winner (the fastest time) you could get a cheap little watch for the winner to have… Again just an idea. It doesn’t always have to be cash if you don’t want to. Just something to do for a substitute once in a while instead of cash


Is silent assassin a factor or just the time? Thanks

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Yeah, you’ve gotta get SA :man_shrugging: feels like it’d be too easy otherwise

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“in between each kill…” This means two pacifications, right? Or should i add one more after the third target?

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Yeah only need two pacifications (melee or thrown)

I always try to write the briefings in a way that explanatory but I might start updating them so they’re clearer, coz I always miss the little things :laughing:

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I was thinking of simultaneous kills, so any “in between” KOs could happen at the same time. Problem is, it says “with” the mic, and not “using” the mic. Slightly different wording can… well… My idea probably wouldn’t work anyway.

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PM your idea and I’ll let you know?

I’d assume it needs to be with the mic since the image says so.

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Never mind. I should’ve thought about it a little more. Bringing in the Shaman powder, then throwing the mic at it to make it explode to KO 2 at once. :laughing: It’d be an indirect way that still uses the mic. Sadly, it doesn’t work.

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