Comparing H2016 with H2 / Unlocks discussion

Some overhauls to the menus would be interesting. Maybe you could create a “hidden” section to the inventory, where you could dump every item you don’t want to use. It would be the last category in the inventory section.

As for locations, it would be nice to have “folders” so to speak. Like on named “escalations” that then shows all escalations there, and another “featured contracts” that would show all the featured contracts in that location


I think ioi should be commended for surviving the upheaval . :

I am not going to complain to much about content so much as hope that they have but make it better for H3 . They need to get the fluidity of movement back they had in absolution as well as make offline a playable thing these are my major complaints for H2 .


The thing is that IO did state that we would be getting returning challenge packs before in the past, as for ET IO didn’t specifically promise for consistent new H2 Targets. Not to mention this whole year we’ve been getting new content alongside the Legacy Stuff. Here are my points.

  • We Don’t Need Anymore Legacy Elusive Targets

  • We had plenty of both premium and free NEW content in HITMAN 2 this year alone with Challenge Packs, Escalations, and a plethora of unlockables to coincide.

  • We had a new limited time event mission in Hokkaido (I don’t approve of this one, but none the less it was new)

  • Anniversary Suits finally released and given out for free to everyone with a IOI account.

  • Featured Contract Rewards! (Tedious and annoying with no real pay off, but still new)

  • New ET Rewards ( Explosive Pen, Lil Flashy, etc)

I could go on and on with a complete list of new content for H2 just to show how spoiled we are with this game and with that it was inevitable for legacy content such as ET since we as the community caused this over our need for Legacy Suits mainly the Summer Suit. I mainly wanted the challenge packs and I’m satisfied to see they all arrived before the year end.

Just remember, we shouldn’t bite the hand that gives us content solely because this game almost didn’t happen that’s something to think about.


I really hope the final major patch includes filters for the suits. It’s ridiculous. Even without weapon categories, they come in 2 rows so it halves the amount of scrolling. I’d like a filter of ‘Location Suits’ (for those ET ‘with gloves’ versions), ‘Classic Suits’ (for signature looks, undying suit etc), and ‘Novelty Suits’ (for the flamingo, clown and the upcoming pirate suit)


You guys talk like we didn’t paid full price for a game that’s basically hitman 2016 with less maps, and recycled ET/escalations. We’re not spoiled but one of the most supporting fanbases in gaming.


How come we paid for H1 with less maps since we got 8 new maps. 2 more than in H1.
And legacy for free if we owned it before.


Hitman 2 has 5 full maps + a small tutorial/prologue in the form of Hawkes Bay. Hitman had had 6 full maps + 2 small tutorials/prologues in the form of ICA Training. Even if you count Hawkes Bay, that’s still less. You’re counting New York & Haven which is a false equivalence: you got 6 (+2 tutorial) maps in Hitman 2016 for $60, you get 5 (+1 tutorial) maps in Hitman 2 for $60. To get NY & Haven, you have to buy the Expansion Pass for $40. To get those full 7 maps (+1 tutorial), you have to pay $100.

Obviously, this is just looking at standard price – these games & the expansion pass regularly go on sale for you to get both for less than the price of the base game but that doesn’t change the fact that anyone who got the Gold Edition or Expansion Pass soon after release, had to pay full price even if theyre regularly more affordable now. That is a FAR worse deal.

I love the new game & think even the small changes they’ve made have greatly improved all missions from Legacy & the new maps: truly working cameras (this was available in the hard mode in 2016 but cameras only served as a roadblock to SA on the normal difficulty rather than cameras that actually alerted guards); briefcase like the old games; working mirrors; hiding in foliage… But at the end of the day, its still basically the same game with really only 1 extra reap map for almost twice the price.

I think they’ve supported this game enough except when it comes to ETs. The issues with ETs have just gotten progressively more numerous since their introduction in 2016. The fact you can’t even unlock all the rewards if you don’t own Legacy Pack is absolute bollocks. I already despise that permanent unlocks are tied to super temporary thinfs but at least in 2016, you could theoretically get all the rewards even if you messed a few up. Now in H2, you can’t do that even if you get SA for every single one.


Miami, Colombia, Mumbai, WC and Sgail, won’t count Hawke’s Bay because it’s more like a tutorial level. New York and Haven Island were paid DLC, 2 maps almost the price of the full game.

But, new locations were not the only items in the expansion pass now, were they?


It’s not that they didn’t want to, they couldn’t.

It’s been explained alot of times so I’m just gonna paste this

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eh, just going by “number of maps” it’s pretty fucking dumb. HITMAN 2 levels are, on average, bigger and better, with more methods of assassination than ever. Having one less map doesn’t automatically mean less content, at all, in any way.

Personally, I find it pathetic to even imply either of the games are in any way lacking content. They are both games you can keep on playing for over 500 hours. That’s some fantastic value for 60$. Both games are some of the best deals in gaming.


People gladly put over 100 hours into the game and claim it’s lacking in content.


i put 1000 hours in the original 3 Games and they didnt have any Content beside the Main Story. People just have higher expectations today.


This is probably going to be a bit controversial, but the whole ‘game as service’ deal is a double edged sword. Free post launch content is a nice way to keep the game going longer to keep interest around it, but it also invites the expectant attitude of ‘this month is weak, the studio is going downhill, the game is dead’ that can never be shaken. If the levels along with some escalations, different challenges, and the same 10 ETs on a weekly cycle came out right on release with practically no post launch content except patches, I wonder if it’d get as much of a panning.


You’re right; 2 (or 3?) Sniper Assassin maps & 4 Special Assignments which were glorified, permanent Elusive Targets that most people found mediocre at best. I’m not pissed: I got the Expansion for like 15 or 16 bucks. But full price? Haha no.

If we break the game down by location, not counting Hawkes Bay, each of the base location is $12. Now there’s also a bunch of weapons, gadgets, etc as well but weapon/outfit bundles should cost like a buck to 2 bucks max. Not the FIVE that the Requiem pack cost.

At a max, the DLC should have cost at least $10 less. 25 for the 2 new full maps; another 5 for everything else if that extra content is even really worth that much and I have my doubts. I haven’t played them myself but the way people talk about the Special Assignments makes them sound like the Sarajevo Six levels which were glorified ETs, there were 6 of them, & they were free on PS4. So those 4 missions shouldn’t really add on to the price at all. The Sniper Assassin maps are fine & imo thats what the extra 5 would basically be paying for, I guess.

You may disagree and think you can quantify each thing til it adds up to the price (or perhaps even MORE than what it originally cost) but to many; even if the quantity was technically there, the quality wasn’t. What they should have done, and let’s keep in mind hindsight is 20/20 & armchair developing is considerably easier than actually developing, is this:

  • Forget the Special Assignments
  • Forget designing the Sniper Assassin maps from scratch. Instead, just use existing maps for the mode as they did with Colorado in Patient Zero
  • Ditch Elusive Targets OR ditch tying rewards to them at least; not sure how much it takes to make ETs. I know there are people who like ETs but I think in-depth permanent content is far more valuable than generally more simplistic ETs, even if ETs were made permanent.

Then for the Expansion Pass – priced at let’s say $30 instead. A few outfits/stuff + 3 full maps:

  • New York Bank
  • Haven Island
  • Siberia Prison

With the time spent making Himmelstein, Hantu Port, & Siberia as Sniper Maps and everything else, they could have just made one more full map. Idk how much they actually make for each Sniper map since they can fake shit due to the single angle we see the map from… But they still design at least a full facade, map AI routines, etc. Even if all we see of the map is the only actual stuff they made and everything behind it is empty/non-existent, they still spent the time to make that “stage play” background production.

The Siberian Prison would have made for an AMAZING Hitman level. A small portion in front that’s public but lots of trespass/hostile areas; prisoner disguises, guard disguises, sniper nests, opening cells to cause a riot, smuggling cigarettes to a prisoner contact that’ll give you Intel, etc. 1 target is a prisoner, the other is the warden? Come on! Would’ve been perfect & it couldve been that instead of a map made for an arcade mode.

Now… does the time spent making Himmelstein, Hantu Port, Siberia, the 4 Special Assignments, Elusive Targets, etc. add up to the time & effort necessary to make Siberia into a full map? Maybe, maybe not; I don’t know! That’s why I said armchair developing is far easier. But I do know that all that stuff is at least close to equal what a full Siberia map would take… because if it wasn’t, then all that other stuff isn’t worth the price they added to the Expansion Pass, then.

TLDR: Most of the other stuff REALLY doesn’t seem like it should have doubled the price of the pack – if each location is about $10-12; then it should cost $20-25 since the Special Assignments sound equitable to free ETs or the free S6 missions. Sniper Assassin maps may add up to a bulk of the price but most people, I think, would have far preferred a full original level instead.


Well over 100 hours and yes it does lack content. It’s not the maps I have issue with as much as the reskin content from S1 carrying to S2. I still like the game and since I only play 1 game at a time + I have an obsession to unlock everything in any game I play (items, challenges, or achievements). Plus the major detail: microtransactions are infesting multiplayer titles, more than their content quality released and after. I got fed up with the monetization and so I figured I’d go back to Single player/campaign games. Only to find they apparently suffer from it too, only a different way

Quantity of content ≠ Quality of content.

Suits and shitty reskins does not qualify as good content.
Lots of people that have invested time (I have nearly 600 hours) have the right to be angry.
Minus a few mechanics and levels ranging from mediocre to okay, H2 is a huge step down from S1.

Not going to derail the thread with my opinions towards H2 but it seems that IO dropped Hitman 2 long ago, and was just drip feeding content to players to keep the game on life support while the studios worked on other things.

I’m disappointed and frustrated with the state of the game and at this point I have very little confidence in Hitman 3.

Modders have done more for the game in the last three weeks than IO has done in a year.




You seem to have forgotten about all the new unique items that actually improved the game, the items that brought new unique functions to the game.

I can remind you, just say the word.


Well what is good content? We got what we paid for and why would people who invested time into the game be angry? IO have no obligation to add anything at all. Well maybe modders should apply to work at IO and i’m in no way a fan boy because i’ll be the first to say recent escalations and Special Assignments are shit, but it’s okay i didn’t buy the game for them