Competitive Edge - 10 New Featured Contracts (September)

Also, a more personal congrats to both of you specifically, @GreekAgent and @AgentJames! I love both your contracts and hope you make even better ones (if possible).

I still haven’t done a good speedrun of your contract, Kenny, but I will eventually. And Paul, I finished yours, but I’m trying to make my proper run the most stylish as possible.

Again, congrats to you guys, you definitely deserve it.


Holy hell I actually got featured for the first time! This is a good day for me.


Hey nice job on my contract (the nighttime Bankok one). You did pretty much exactly what I did except for the guy with the exterminator. You don’t actually have to wait for him, you can just throw a coin near the table thing where the screwdriver is and he should come over on his own. Otherwise I think you have to trigger their conversation before they start to move. I probably shouldn’t have picked that guy in all honesty since he can be a pain sometimes. But I suppose it worked out anyway. Also, I went outside and through the window to get to the other wing, but I guess maneuvering through the basement works too. Good work!

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I hope you guys understand that you basically give me unlimited motivation to get another one featured, time restricted or not :grinning:

How would you rate September’s Featured Contracts batch? (Please have at least viewed all of them first)

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I haven’t played them all yet but have gone through all their briefings, I think this batch has taken a step backwards, with about half of the contracts having either ~4 complications or different kill methods for each target. Thankfully the other half look pretty reasonable to me, so just a step backward, not a jump.

It’s a great contract and it fits the theme :+1:
I managed to get it down to 1:15-1:20. I’ll share a video when I cut more seconds and happy with the run.


any feedback on my contact “I’m the Better Assassin”?

Thank you so much for playing my map in the first place. It was an honour to see you play it.

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I really liked both of your contracts though. Dont stop making them.

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Really loved optimizing Selfish Fisherman. First I thought I could shave about 10 seconds and it ended up in me shaving more than a minute :grin:

Frank’s Last Day At The Job was really fun as well since you have to use pretty much all the items Frank has on him to complete it. Makes the story of 47 replacing Frank even more believable.

I’ve just watched some random Russian streamer play go through hell replaying my contract for more than an hour straight until he got the timings right to get SA. I have created a rage-inducing abomination and I can’t help but love it. Contract does exactly what I wanted it to do - make players pant and sweat until the sweet moment of SA release sweeps down over the successful ones! :rofl:

All of it makes me really appreciate the players who actually managed to complete it SA in time. You are the real heroes!

Next time I’ll be more gentle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks, bro. Nice work on getting featured as well.

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@Clemens_IOI, I got three contracts featured in a row as well as one in March. I gotta have some level of awesomeness bestowed upon me.

I needed that five in a row streak. Now my life is once again unfufilled, but cheers for the good selection this month 'round too. September 28th is the start of the holidays for me, so let the murder commence.

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43?! I was able to get 51 tonight on stream. I’ll be revisiting it. Very good one.

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Well… what can I say about the contracts. Some of the contracts are hell, the other part of the contracts has little to do with the topic. @KevinRudd minus these contracts are not in complications, but in the fact that the gameplay is not thematic. About 40% of contracts are something at the level of Lee Hong killing for the first time without preparation. There are contracts that require intelligence, although they are complex, it’s not 1:45, these are normal contracts. In general, the contracts are too complicated.

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What’s going on? I didn’t get anything featured this month

I’ll share my thoughts later on after I’ve completed most of them

Oh, okay. Then I just voiced my thoughts.

Ohhh, I see you were referring to the ‘what would you rate them’ poll but didn’t hit the reply button to it, I understand now!

Oke that’s suprising. Imo previous batch was much better. Half of the contracts in this one are just meh

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Would have been better if you had made it thrown weapon instead of kitchen knife. With the kitchen knife you’re pretty much enforcing a linear path