Completing the trilogy

Having found my way back to these forums, I was a bit surprised at having to create a new account, but I suppose these things happen when one’s last visit was in 2015 or thereabouts…

To start with, I’m not sure if “Hitman General” is the best place for this question, but as it doesn’t concern any one game in particular, I suppose it might be.

‘The trilogy’ in this case refers to the World of Assassination trilogy. So far I’ve only owned the base Hitman 2016 game with the three bonus levels The Icon, A House Built on Sand and Landslide.

I’ve been looking into buying the rest of the trilogy (for PC), but looking at the various packages and purchase options available…my mind boggles…

So to make it simple: what’s the best way for me to buy the rest of the trilogy and get as complete an experience as possible? I already know Hitman III is an Epic exclusive right now, but I have no doubt it will eventually make it to Steam, so maybe I shouldn’t even count it for now.

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The simplest way to get all 3 games in one is to grab 3 with the access passes for 2 Gold and 1 GOTY, since you’ve already got 1 that will be free.

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Whether you wait a month to buy it on Steam or buy it now from Epic, doesn’t make a single difference. You get the exact same game.

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Thanks for the replies, I’ve completed the trilogy.

Well, completed it as in finally owning all of it, I haven’t played through all of it yet. But I’m well on my way to doing that, too :wink:

Enjoy the ride and be sure to hide the bodies.