Compliment the Person Above You


The persone above me has an awesome taste in memes and videogames.


The dude above me likes good music and has one of the best usernames on the forum.


the dude above me is one of the most passionate political persons of my generation that I have come to know. I don’t know another in life or online that is more politically aware than him.

Hats off.


The guy above me is good at changing usernames


The guy above me has also got a very good taste in movies (and actors!). One of the users you like to interact with.
Better said: He’s not a fredo.


The guy above me knows who the best Don is.


The guy above me is a fellow Wu-Tang fan, makes me laugh at times, and overall a pleasant person to talk to.


The person above me likes The Boondocks, so he is automatically awesome. He also has good taste in music.


The guy above mee, adds a whole lot to any converastion and idk what it is about his name, but it automatically makes him an awesome person!


The Person above me is all about style and flare, it shows. Just looking on his profile page you will be meet with the forum version of Nicolas Winding Refn. You can’t stop to think he looks pretty cool.


The person above me is a great fan of the classic Hitman games and is recognised in the Hitman community for their enthusiasm.


The person above me is working on a really fun game called “Lester”.


The person above me is very supportive of other people on this forum regardless if you’re a veteran or a newbie here.


The person above me is a very friendly chap, who owns a very fun and innovative youtube channel that I have been a loyal subscriber too! :grinning:

(P.S. Your channel is seriously amazing, but when is the next Ac Origins livestream coming up?


Not sure as I’ve have a lot of ideas on my plate :slight_smile:


The person above me is a nice guy who is not only supportive but a genuine nice guy too :slight_smile:


The person above me has a good sense of humour (complimenting himself)


The person above me is a cool guy with a curious display name. :grin:


The person above me has excellent spelling and grammar skills and a wonderful choice in emoji.


The nice gentleman above makes awesome music and seems like a swell guy, definitely knows how to treat a lady!

In all seriousness, you are a pretty friendly Person and the community can use more people like you. :smile: