Compliment the Person Above You


The person above uses the avatar with my zodiac sign. Nice choice!


The person above me seems very nice, and gives in very innovative and intricate ways to introduce others into the HMF community, and Discourse. :slight_smile:

(Not only that but thhey mentioned in a thread that they like ‘‘Never gonna give you up’’, which is quite a daring but also fascinating choice - may I say!)


The person above me has very good grammar, and is kind.



This persn above me gives out a nice & an enjoyable comment to different threads and is relatively new, but all these things make them very special, cool and kind in their own way!

(Also, they drink bleach - very bold!)


This person above me is very kind!


Guy above me seems motivated to become better at HITMAN. I appreciate that in players


Guy above me is a beast at Hitman.


Person above me, is funny, kind & has a great youtube channel /good at HITMAN too ofc.) along with being in the TOP 3 in Elimination Game! :grinning:


Girl above me was pretty good at defending/claiming the hill (eventhough she still lost to me in the end, but hey so does everyone else huehue)


The person above me is really good at shining shoes

In all seriousness, it’s good to have ya back buddy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Guy above me is very creative with forum games.


Guy above me is very talented with editing photos :wink:


The fellow above me has a nice taste for mobster flicks and a nice signature weapon. Here’s to you piano man!


Steve has a big dick


introvert’s music isn’t shit


You are easily one of my best friends and someone I know I can always talk to. Thanks for being there for me Quinn! :slight_smile:


The man above me is pretty kind from the looks of it


the person above me is quickly making a name for themselves.


I don’t normally smoke weed, but I glady would with the guy above me. Also he made one of the best threads ever - Second most beautiful animated character.


The person above me has sexy everything! Sey face, sexy anime bacgkround pic (I think its anime), sexy profile picture, sexy name!

Seriously seems like a friendly & nice person ALTHOUGH my only complaint is that THEY DON’T POST OFTEN! I THOUGHT THEY WERE DEAD!