Compliment the Person Above You


Thanks, I’m flattered. :blush: Sometimes I work extra shifts and don’t have time to post but I’ll try to pick up the paste.


No no its ok, keep doing what you like/need to do, I was just kidding! :wink:


The lady above me has a pretty good sense of humor. I always have a nice chuckle when reading her posts!


The gentleman above me is a pretty ‘‘suave’’ & a nice person if I do say so myself! :grin:

(He also lives in Illinois which is the state I always go at summer holidays - good choice!)


The person above me is very nice, open-minded and active - no matter in which thread. We can be glad to have someone like that in the Hitman community, especially during this long bridging period to Hitman S2.


Person above me has a great passion for Albino Assassins.


Person above me has a cool name.


Yes indeed… and it has nothing to do with Absolution, don’t gather the pitchforks yet! :fork_and_knife:


Person above me has an avatar I found out is from a game I stumbled on recently and looks quite nice. Did not buy it yet though.


Excellent game, give it a shot, made by ex-IOI and Bioshock devs i believe.


Person above me is active.
More than what one can say about me.


Person above me likes Bond.


Person above me is active and has a cool profile picture. :smiley:


Person above me is a very good Hitman speedrunner and seems like a nice person.


Person above me is very good at finding funny screenshots of 47.


The person above me is liked a lot by the community. He received over 1.2K :heart:


The person above me is very keen on hitman and extremely obsevrant


The person above me has a WONDERFUL sense of humor!


The person above me has a great featured contract.


Person abbove me is amazing at HITMAN as seen by their youtube channel& amount of SA’s!