Compliment the Person Above You


The girl above me has a username that reminds me of the high ground.


The person above me has great taste in movies, AND an awesome profile picture


Person above me has a cool username, even though i don’t know what it means or where is it from. :smile:


The person above me, has a great mixture of friendly seriousness & a fun sense of humour!



Person above me is good at lying… i mean, good at the lying game… i mean!! good at the Lie to Me (Forum game)!!! :sweat_smile:


The person above me has a damn fine profile picture!


The person above is a fine man and has a good taste of hitman games :ok_hand:


The dog above me is the best dog assassin…what else do you look for in a dog?


Alfie Solomons is above me, my favorite character from Peaky Blinders. Sucks that he was killed off.


The person above me is both super chill and a great active member of the forum. Keep up the good work man!


“Fill it out, fuck off.”

What a friendly man.


Love to watch him in action but defiantly wouldn’t want to meet him.


I don’t know man, I’ve been kind of superstitious about single headshots ever since I watched Boardwalk Empire (Richard Harrow, ultimate badass, took a bolt-action round to the face), and especially considering the time the show is set during (weapons were not as powerful back then).


It’s a solid maybe, that is if the writers want to bring him back, though I hear a number of fans weren’t too happy about his death either so it wouldn’t be the first time writers brought back a character because of fan backlash.

From what I saw it looked like he got shot in the cheek rather than the head so that can be something else to work with.


The person above me has really great taste in music and has help me find a couple of new artists and tracks to obsess over.

Seems like a really chill dude


The person above me is awesome and has created my favorite topic on HMF!


The person above me has shown me the concept art of S1 I didn’t even know about. Thx mate


the Person above me invented the Closet Bomb in Season One, thanks a lot :heart:


The person above me has a wonderful cat :heart_eyes: and looks good dressed as 47


The person above me has a pretty impressive collection of replica guns from the games! Good stuff man.