Comprehensive list of Hitman 2016 Characters


I have spent a lot of time and effort in making a list of all NPCs in Hitman 2016, i copied that and added very short explanations of who the character is, incase somebody forgot or doesnt know who is who on the list. I am atm on a bus to the airport, gonna go to denmark, gonna add some more, when i get back thursday or friday, and check the names too. Also ill add the ones from this list, that havent been listed in Hitman Wikia, to the Eikia. I already have good pictures for lot of the ones missing from wikia. I surely missed some, so if you know some, that i missed, tell me.

EDIT: added A LOT more characters (Google Docs does not like ot when you copy paste something from it, so some of the text is messy and all " and 's are gone.


Bartholomew Argus (ET Badboy)

Dino Bosco (Target in The Icon)

Gary Busey (ET Wildcard)

Umbertto Megazzini (Street Performer in Sapi)

Richard M Foreman (ET Chameleon)

Dalia Margolis (Target in Showstopper)

Helmut Kruger (An IAGO Model in Paris

Gary Cole (Gary Busey Rival)

Walter Williams (ET Blackmailer)

Jackie Charrington (A former sitcom star, Himmapan Quest, Kieran Hudson Client)

Ellinor Westrup (An IAGO Model in Marrakesh, Boyfriend of Zaydan)

Martha Herris (An IAGO Model in Paris)


Jordan Cross (Target in Club 27)

Cinque Ciliegio (The singer in Landslide)

Jonathan Smythe (ET Sensation)

Abel De Silva (Drummer in Bangkok)

Heidi Santoro (Guitarist in Bangkok)


Salvatore Bravuomo (A lawyer in Sapi)

Ken “The Brick” Morgan (Jordan Cross’s Lawyer)

Edilio Napolitano (Could be renamed Salvatore Bravuomo, Lawyer of Richard Magee)

Katherine Feller (The lawyer of Keith Keeble)

Yuki Yamazaki (Target in Situs Inversus


Dott. Doccioborsa (Brain Surgeon in Landslide)

Professor Antonio (Guest in Landslide)

Dr. Francesca De Santis (Target in World of Tomorrow)

Dr. Silvio Caruso Ph.D. (Target in World of Tomorrow

Dr. Ezra Berg (Target in Freedom Fighters)

Dr. Pavel Fryden (ET Doctor)

Dr. Akane Akenawa (ET Surgeon)

Dr. Bradley Paine (Target in The Vector)

Dr. Klaus Liebeld (Target in The Patient Zero)

Dr. Owen Cage (Target in The Patient Zero)

Dr. Nicholas Laurent (Chief Surgeon in Hokkaido)

Dr. Akira Nakamura (GAMA Hospital Director in Hokkaido)

Dr. Oscar Lafayette (Caruso and Cross Therapist in Sapi)

Dr. Katashi Ito (Organ Trader / Morgue Runner in Hokkaido)

Viana Buccho (The morgue visiting scientist in Sapi)

Bunka Shintani (Morgue worker in Hokkaido)

Tenri Shinosaki (Morgue worker in Hokkaido)

Yukio Matsuhima (Morgue worker in Hokkaido)

Shuodai Kurosawa (Morgue worker in Hokkaido)


Marco Abbiati (Target in The Landslide)

Congressman Walsh (VIP Guest in Paris)

Anthony L Troutt (ET Congressman)

Tren Po (Hitman Kim Jong Un in Paris, Son of Jin Po)

Richard Ekwensi (ET Ex-Dictator)


Kieran Hudson (ET Paparazzo)

Benjamin Bertram (Stalker in Bangkok)


Brendan Conner (ET Identity Thief)

Owen “Protagonist” Wagner (ET Blackhat)

Penelope Graves (Target in Freedom Fighters")

Whitecap (Partner of Owen Wagner)

Robert Mulo (Abiatti Assistant in Landslide)

Finn Jacobs (Hacker in Colorado)

Isaac Kay (Hacker in Colorado)

Greg Barnes (Hacker in Colorado)

Joshua Trumbo (Hacker in Colorado)

Luke Poole (Hacker in Colorado)


Pamela Kingsley (GNN Reporter in Marrakesh)

Tyler Clark (GNN Producer in Marrakesh)

Lana Caprice (A Reporter in Paris)

Jay Smart (Cameraman in Paris, Lindsey La Coeur Friend)

Lindsey La Coeur (A Reporter in Paris, Jay Smart Friend)


Chef Gabriel Santos (ET Chef)

Chef Marcello Ray (Caruso Chef in Sapi)

Chef Michelle Inversini (Ice Cream Shop Chef in Sapi)

Claudio Parisi (Caruso Kitchen Assistant in Sapi)

Rosson Ansovino (Caruso Kitchen Assistant in Sapi)

Girolamo Giombi (A kitchen worker in Sapi)

Paolo Fellegra (A dishwasher in Sapi)

Aralde Labate (The butcher in sapi)

Tharn Srisai (The chef boss in Bangkok)

Robert Powell (The chef in Colorado)


Max Decker (The agent and friend of Novikov in Paris)

Sal Falcone (Private Detective in Sapi)
Carlton Smith (Agent Smith, the american flag boxer fella who always gets captured)

Hilda Berg (The security chief in Marrakesh)

Kittinan Janpong (A security elite in Bangkok)

Kong Aromdee (A security elite in Bangkok)

Hans Graub (A security elite in Bangkok)

Ratsami Panichwit (A security elite in Bangkok)


Vito Duric (ET Gunrunner)

Xander Haverfoek (ET Fixer)

Sir Humphrey Titus Rutherford (A gunrunner and IAGO guest in sapi)

Nila Torvik (ET Pharmacist)

Sir Howard Moxon (ET Broker)

Dylan Narvaez (ET Twin)

Gonzales Narvaez (Dylan Brother)


General Reza Zaydan (Target in Gilded Cage)

Maya Parvati (Target in Freedom Fighters)

Sean Rose (Target in Freedom Fighters)

Adeze “Nne Obara” Oijofor (ET Warlord)

Lloyd Burgess (Point Man in Colorado)

Alma Reynard (Sean Rose Girlfriend)

Kurt Donovan (Novikov Bodyguard)

Otis Kaplan (Morgan Bodyguard)

Sayid Laham (Prisoner in Marrakesh)

Ji-Hu (ET Fugitive)

Nicola Scanarotti (Bodyguard of Caruso)

Stefano Alberti (Bodyguard of Caruso)

Olinto Trevisan (Bodyguard of De Santis)

Roman Langella (Bodyguard of De Santis)

Guang Tseng (Bodyguard of Tuo-Kwang)

Nokadota (Bodyguard of Yamazaki)

Yuuto Saiki (Bodyguard of Yamazaki)

Hanif Rasmi Antoun (Zaydan Officer)

Ubayy Saud Misfud (Zaydan Officer)

Masruq Khalid Almasi (Zaydan Officer)

Ameen Mu’nis Salib (Zaydan Officer)

Mukarram Javid (Zaydan Officer)

Cilas Netzke (KGB Officer in Final Test)

Ewan Morton (Bodyguard of Sean Rose)

Craig Abel (I think Bodyguard of Graves)

Timothy Guerrero (I think Bodyguard of Graves)

Matthew Robertson (Dont remember)


Father Adalrico Candelaria (ET The Prince)

Father Padre Francesco (The Priest in Sapi)


Matthieu Mendola (Target in A house built on sand)

Wes Liston (Cross Producer)

Sebastian Sato (Sanguine Stylist)

Craig Black (Target in The Author)

Baron Sergei Larin (ET Forger)

Monia Bellini (Playwright in Landslide)

Mike Vogt (A Critic in The Author)


Claus Hugo Strandberg (Target in Gilded Cage)

Viktor Novikov (Target in Showstopper)


Valerie St. Claire (Showstopper Magazine Director)

Kong Tuo-Kwang (Target in A house built on sand)

Nimr’ Arif Bahar (Rent Guy in Marrakesh)

Jason Portman (The face surgery patient in Hokkaido)

Simone Larin (The owner of Palais De Walewska, wife of Sergei Larin)


Sheik Salman Al-Ghazali (The sheik in Showstopper)

Mabaya Mzabumi (A member of Crystal Dawn in Showstopper)

Andrea Martinez (Delgado Cartel spokesperson in Showstopper, looks similar to one of the colombia targets in Hitman 2 trailer)

Nelle Brent (Andrea Martinez Rival)


Roberto Vargas (The golf coach in Sapi)

Orlando Zito (Cyclist in Sapi)

J. Brooke (Yoga Teacher in Sapi)


Richard J Magee (ET Guru)

Zaki Diab (Fortune Teller in Marrakesh)

Inez Ekwensi (ET Gold Digger)


Etta Davis (ET Angel of Death)

Wen T’sai (ET Food Critic)

Mr. Giggles (ET Entertainer)

Tommy “The Hammer” Stoakes (Bartholomew Argus Former friend)


Luigi Salvatore (Green Plumber in Sapi

Mario Salvatore (Red Plumber in Sapi)

Craig “Rocco” McVeigh (NoLifer in Sapi)

Torres Piombo (Hippie in Sapi)

Jeff Baker (Cameraman in Marrakesh)

Amos Dexter (VIP Patient in Hokkaido)

Shuaib Alby (Lead protester in Marrakesh)

Konny Engström (Masseur in Marrakesh)

Jeff (A guy throughout the Patient Zero)

Rebecka (Jeff Girlfriend)

Keith Keeble (Richard Magee Victim)

Shahin Abdul-Barr Maalouf (Headmaster in Marrakesh)

Hektor Lindberg (Intern in Marrakesh)

Nails (Pilot in Hokkaido)

Erik Olander (Consul in Marrakesh)

Ghostly Fan (Craig Black Superfan in Sapi)

Håkan Almer (Photographer in Paris, Ikea Guy in Marrakesh)

Terry Strong (The shoe shop owner in Marrakesh)

Tomiyuki Fujihara (The gardener with tobacco in Hokkaido)

Tarrin (Bug exterminator in Bangkok)

Maelng (Bug exterminator in Bangkok)

Bob (Mrs Mookjay assistant)

Julian (Recording Crew Member)

Callum Burgess (Recording Crew Member)

William Candler (The Berg Prisoner)

Marcello Folliero (Dont remember)

Pedro Parker (Guest in Himmapan)

Ms. Persson (Receptionist in Marrakesh)

Irshaad Ismail (Printing Crew)

Ashraf Raghib Mustafa (Printing Crew)

Khaleel Rani Nahas (Printing Crew)

Khuzaimah Afeef Saliba (Printing Crew)

Suchin Thanom (Tuk Tuk Owner)


Pertti Järnefelt (ET Bookkeeper)

Hailey Brennan (Margolis Secretary)

Terenzio Endrizzi (Caruso Butler)

Sophus Fatale X ((Margolis Friend)

Liza McKenzie (Showstopper magazine Worker)

Francesca Palerma (Worker at the set of the Icon)

Sophia Wilde (Bosco Manager)

Argus Manager (Argus Manager, Duh)

Dexy Barat (Cross Manager


Diamond Courier (Courier from ET Fixer)

Jessica Highmoore (Target of Helmut Kruger and Victim of Walter Williams)

Hannah Highmoore (Ex-Girlfriend of Cross)

John Highmoore (CEO of something)

Kalu Oijofor (Son of Nne Obara)

Amanda (Friend of Walter Williams)

Erich Soders (Target in Situs Inversus)

Isabella Caruso (Mother of Silvio Caruso)


Oybek Nabazov (Target in The Source)

Sister Yulduz (Target in The Source)

Brother Akram (Target in The Author)

ONES, THAT WERE ONLY TALKED ABOUT… and Sarajevo Six… (This gategory, i dont really care about)
Director Fanin
Eugene Cobb
Thomas Cross
Olivia Hall
The Shadow Client
Gustavo Torres
Simon Deveraux
Scott Sarno
Gary Lunn
Walter Menard
John Stubbs
Patrick Morgan
Taheji Koyama

The IAGO Dossier

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