Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


I’ve created this topic to ensure all the relevant new/returning features in HITMAN™ 2 can be continuously updated and kept on a front page, making them easily accessible for everyone.

H/T to @shobhit7777777 who suggested this idea.

These are all the features (so far) which have been confirmed, either with IOI interviews/announcements/posts or observed through the latest official gameplay:

(This list will not include any leaked information as it does not satisfy the aforementioned criteria.)

  • Six sandbox locations in base game, non-episodic
    —Miami (racing circuit)
    —Colombia (tropical rainforest)
    —Mumbai (India)
    —Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand)
    —Whittleton Creek (USA)
    —Isle of Sgail (North Sea)
  • Two additional add-on locations available, dependent on the edition you purchase
  • Legacy Pack – Season One with HITMAN 2™ features included for those who own HITMAN™
  • Story will continue where HITMAN™ left off – with the ICA now working with Providence against the Shadow Client
  • Sniper Assassin online co-op mode
  • Ghost mode
  • Briefcase – can be used to smuggle various items in addition to the sniper rifle
  • New weapons
    —Flash grenade
    —Concussive grenade
    —Dart gun
  • Visible fibre-wire
  • Localised voice acting – languages and accents of NPCs will now correspond to the location of each mission
  • David Bateson as 47 (of course!)
  • Improved crowd mechanics – variation, size, including more realistic elements such as couples holding hands
  • Picture-in-picture — updating you on in-mission events, security camera recordings, and NPC actions
  • Hiding in crowds, flora and foliage
  • Mirrors – AI can detect your reflection
  • Various animation improvements
    —47 using his hand to open doors
    —47 checks for ammo when picking up weapons
    —New/improved idle animations when wearing disguises
    —Weapon inspect animations play as 47 walks (eg. toying with knife)
    —47 now continues to hold weapons in his right hand whilst doing certain actions (vaulting, interacting with objects, etc)
  • Crowbars cannot be placed into the inventory
  • Enemies react to suspicious activity on CCTV
  • Opportunities (Mission Stories) – can be adjusted to reduce hints or turned off
  • Nvidia RTX cards supported

Let me know of any mistakes or omissions.

Cash instead of Mastery system


Elevators are confirmed?


Has this been confirmed somewhere? The elevator in the demo had an “Out of Order”-sign next to it.


Who said that they’ll work?


You could add the new security camera PIP feature to the list.


According to the rules, I wouldn’t add that. It hasn’t been officially confirmed by IO, despite the heavy indications they’ll be in the game.
(Open Elevator Doors, a “Demo Boundary” sign next to it like other locked-off areas)


Right next to a ‘demo boundary’ sign which indicates the elevator is a means of transport to another part of the map.
This quite clearly shows elevators are back, unless IOI decided to create empty elevator shafts with no elevators in them for us to climb through — which would make no sense.


The explanation makes sense, and I hope you are right and we aren’t in for a nasty surprise at the end.


As this list will be updated to conform to the latest information available, everything is still subject to change, particularly since the Miami demo is a work in progress.
But we have to go by the best information we can, as long as it comes from material IOI officially present and promote to the public.


I think the elevator is just for climb or dispose bodies. I wouldn’t jump to such conclusion


So all the bodies would just pile up on the exposed bottom floor you’ve climbed up from?
Surely IOI aren’t that cruel to tease us by taking the effort to include and build elevators, but make them non-functional. They’d simply omit them entirely, which is what they did in H6.


Like revealing the briefcase to have no animation whatsoever? Hopefully you are right and they’ll come back, but I feel they would have said it already.


I’d add that Sean Bean isn’t The Shadow Client and his voice actor remains the same from HITMAN™


Well considering the title of the topic is CONFIRMED, elevators should not be in the list as it has not been confirmed.


Again, no one said that elevators will work. Their existence is confirmed, and that’s the only thing on the list.


Still NOT confirmed. It’s misleading to have it in the list as “confirmed”.


Wait, what? Himmapan has an elevator shaft?


Sorry for asking, but what were the leaked info? I keep reading about them.


Wait sorry my bad. I thought it had a shaft but I got it wrong.

But my point is, saying elevators are confirmed is misleading. It’s irrelevant to say that they only exist by aesthetics.