Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


Logic would dictate he can’t climb with a brief case. A briefcase is only anonymous (vs. suspicious) if it is hand held. And you can’t climb with a single hand !


No crowbars on the inventory, no fun


I did that and you drop the briefcase if you try that. I have footage of it (or maybe dont, had some bad luck with their recording equipment) but I am actually not planning to look through it again. Maybe later.


Hmm, seems like it doesn’t make it as convenient of a way to get the sniper rifle up high, then. :frowning:


Thanks for your reply. I hope they fix this and implant it like Blood Money. It’s still pre-beta after all.


How was it in BM?

Well you have to put it on your back like we do today. It can happen way too easily to make the briefcase overpowered, and details like this balance it a bit.


He would just hold it in his hand while climbing


Potentially stupid question, but can you strap bag? Or do you have to remove the rifle from the bag first and leave the bag on the ground? I’m more worried about losing the bag (since someone mentioned it’s treated as a weapon on the ground.)


Dunno how to describe it, but he still keeps it in his hands. Same goes with walking on ledges and stuff


Okay, I cannot really understand how you can climb like that. Then again getting past windows in Paris while hanging looks impossible as well, yet 47 is doing it.

I am not sure if I understand you correctly, but you can unpack the rifle from multiple spots in the UI. No matter how you do it though, the case is lying around and you have to actively pick it up again. Also I managed to lose the briefcase multiple times, you really have to pay attention at every vaulting you do. I even made a guard bring away a weapon so I found the briefcase again lol.


Yeah that’s what I meant, so the briefcase is really easy to lose, good to know that before I inevitably lose it anyway. :sweat_smile:


Well,it’s not me that’s climbing it’s 47.And he can do anything.

I don’t think climbing with suitcase would be weird to see.It worked fine in BM and looked normal.I have to admit though I like how in HITMAN 2 you have to throw your briefcase over the wall if you want to climb.It makes things slightly more challenging


maybe now that a crowbar is non pocketable, maybe that would make a concealable crowbar unlock???


What’s the point if there’s a silent lockpick? It being a nonlethal melee weapon could be useful but not very often.


Homeboy should just balance it on his head like they do in India.


I wonder if they need to adjust the throwing arc for this.


honestly wouldn’t mind the aim-throwing being back. the underhand throw arc is fine but the non-restrictive throwing felt alot more free. but thats a non problem


Is it November yet? I think I better stop buying games this year, because it’s going to take over my life for a while just like S1


So many games though…


Dude in November we’re getting Hitman™ Season 2 AND remastered Season 1, so hyped :heart: