Confirmed Features HITMAN™ 2


not at normal difficulty

post must be at 20


Nobody know this yet as higher difficulties could bring this.


bonjour c’etait pour savoir si vous savez si il y aura le langage audio en francais merci de votre reponse et de votre compréhension


Ya trop de dialogues, compte pas la dessus.:neutral_face:


c’est dommage pour un aussi bon jeu que lui


Could you please speak English, so other people can add to the discussion as well?


He wants to know if there’s audio in French.


Considering the absolution Italian version sucks I hope Hitman still in English, WB with mortal Kombat x really sucks in Italian version.


I’ve long withdrawn any hope of localized languages in video games.
This is something of the past, because it never was very good anyway, as of recently.

Heck, I recall one game where they confused, in the UI, the word “clef” (key for opening doors) with “touche” (key on your keyboard) in french, which happens to both translate in the word “key” in english.
It was very confusing for me to see “clef” instead of “touche” in the UI for changing keys assignments :slight_smile:


The narcissism is palpable :joy:
“Irrefutable fact”
Give me a break :rofl:


Anyone else but me getting sick of all the trailers/gameplay footage that continues to show ONE level after all this time? I mean, its cool and all but show something else…


did you miss the Colombia teaser? :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s clear they wanna keep most maps under wraps


Concussive grenade not listed? @Watson


I’d just want one trailer with brief glimpses of each level. I’m not a fan of every location being revealed with teasers. The game’s not episodic anymore.


I agree. Also, the HITMAN levels are so varied that you don’t really know if some scenes correspond to same levels or different ones. I’m sure they have a trailer like that for the release


Yeah and besides it would go along better with the whole “World of Assassination” thing.


@Travis_IOI @Clemens_IOI

any chances of crossplatform contracts? User content isn’t affected by crossplay policies so this should be doable.


RIP elevators :cry:


Are you sure there will be no elevators?


This would be soo good.